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Chapter 455 - Conditions

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Chapter 455: Conditions

If Raizen gave people the unfathomable feeling of being entirely proficient without revealing his breath, then the man in front of him felt “natural”. He integrated with the entire Mountain Seckred, which was the world, as a whole. His breathing or his gaze could affect the power of the “world”.

From this point alone, the Demon Realm’s top powerhouse Raizen had fallen behind.

In other words, this man had long surpa.s.sed the category of ordinary powerhouses.

Chen Rui finally understood that he was wrong at the beginning! This is not a ruin! It’s simply… the place where the super powerhouse lives in seclusion!

No matter from his feeling or the data of the [a.n.a.lytical Eyes], the power of this man is at least Demon Supremo level, which is Demi-G.o.d!

This man was the most powerful presence whom Chen Rui had ever seen since he crossed over to this world!

Just as the middle-level Great Demon King and Demon King needed to look up to the existence of the high-level Demon Emperor and Demon Overlord, there was a huge gap between Demon Overlord and Demon Supremo as well. Even the powerful Paglio in the peak stage in the past was sealed by just a simple gesture of the Demon Supremo powerhouse.

Beyond the level of Demon Overlord, he could already be regarded as a super powerhouse!

Above the super powerhouse, there were still G.o.ds. However, the silent G.o.ds had not shown miracles for some tens of thousands of years. Compared with the G.o.ds who had become legends, the Demi-G.o.d super powerhouse that occasionally showed up was the supreme existence on this plane!

According to this situation, the power of the man should probably be Demi-G.o.d level.

“Teacher.” “Tiffany” showed respect and retreated behind the man. This t.i.tle surprised Chen Rui. It turned out that Tiffany was a disciple of this powerhouse!

The man didn’t look at Tiffany. His gaze turned on Chen Rui with a strange look, “You can actually sense my existence so quickly? Also, it seems that you understand something?”

The man had already noticed when Chen Rui noticed the man. The man also grasped a trace of his emotional fluctuations.

“Respected powerhouse, my name is Simon.” Chen Rui had recovered from the shock and bowed sincerely. If he wanted to take a risk with the [Royal Star Transformation] just now, there was completely no fluke now. In front of this level of powerhouse, there was no fluke at all.

“Simon?” The man’s eyes circled around Chen Rui’s body. Chen Rui suddenly felt like he was naked with almost no secrets at all.

“I haven’t seen a stranger for a long time. Whether it is strength or luck, it is a rare opportunity that you can come here. If you are ordinary demons, you should get a precious gift. Unfortunately, you have a kind of smell that I hate. I’ll give you a minute to grasp your destiny, maybe you can change the ending of your annihilation.”

The man’s plain tone carried an unquestionable affirmation as if he was the G.o.d who has the power to decide life and death, arbitrarily deciding the ending of an ant.

Without seeing the other party’s actions, Chen Rui felt tense. He was already locked in by a strange force. For a while, he could not actually activate any skills. He couldn’t help but recall the scene in the Rainbow Valley Demi-G.o.d s.p.a.ce back then. The current situation is much worse than it was, because he is a real Demi-G.o.d powerhouse!

Chen Rui said quickly, “Respected powerhouse, please forgive me for invading here. I was commissioned by a partner to find something extremely important to him and his ethnic group. This thing is called Fertile Yuan Soil.”

The man nodded slightly, “Fertile Yuan Soil is of vital importance to the earth elementals. You should not be lying. But if I didn’t see it with my own eyes, it would be hard to believe that the Kings of Darkness would actually choose someone like you for element blessing.”

It seems that this man saw the [Gravity] that I used to destroy the gargoyles. He not only saw it, but he also saw through many things. Chen Rui was no stranger to the term “King of Darkness”. The Water Elemental King mentioned similar terms in Town Lupin. Obviously, the Kings of Darkness refers to the 3 kings of dark element, earth element and water element.

It was just that Chen Rui faintly felt that the man had a particular prejudice against him from the beginning because of a certain “nasty smell”?

“The Elemental War may be a reason to let you survive today, but it’s just ‘maybe’.” The man groaned a little and put away the coldness in his eyes, “I will give you 2 choices now. First, I can give you Fertile Yuan Soil, but you must join my territory kingdom to become the eternal servant of Mountain Seckred. The reason for giving you such a gift is purely because of ‘something’ in you. Of course, there was also an outstanding performance that made me feel a little bit unexpected.”

The man’s words made Chen Rui bow his head and remain silent. The so-called territory kingdom should be the entire Mountain Seckred. This might be the territory mystery of the Demi-G.o.d powerhouse. It could also be regarded as the prototype of the [Kingdom of G.o.d].

Chen Rui certainly didn’t want to be an eternal servant, but it was obviously quite difficult to entertain the super powerhouse in front of him. Even if he could escape Mountain Seckred by chance, he might also bring terrifying disasters to his friends and lovers.

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“You actually wanted to refuse?” The man understood Chen Rui’s thoughts immediately. A strange smile appeared on his face, “You may have guessed my level, but you don’t know how great a gift I can give you which others didn’t get to have. I can increase your lifespan by at least 200 years. As a servant of the sacred mountain, you will also have special abilities such as…”

After Chen Rui thought for a while, he pretended to take out a handful of fruits from the s.p.a.ce ring, “These are my treasures. I don’t know if I can exchange them for sir’s Fertile Yuan Soil?”

The man glanced at them, “Devil fruit, devil pomeg… and that kind of unknown exotic fruit. If they are in the empires outside, they should cause a sensation. Unfortunately, here and the outside world are 2 concepts. They have no value at all.”

In addition to rare fruits such as devil fruit, Chen Rui also had fruits that would increase aura. Unfortunately, the other party was too lazy to even take a look. He was obviously not interested.

What is interesting for a Demi-G.o.d powerhouse? Artifact?

Exposing artifacts would cause unknown troubles, but at present, survival was the priority. It was just that he had not yet collected or refined some relatively common materials, even though he had gained a lot in the Mechanic a.s.sociation. Therefore, Chen Rui had never produced the new artifacts. The ready-made artifacts had already recognized their owner, so he certainly couldn’t take them out to perfuse the man. Chen Rui’s thoughts turned, and he took out a round bead which was glowing with a blue light.

This was a treasure previously offered by Dodo. It contained powerful water elements. The Earth Elemental King once said that this was not an elemental heart, but it seemed to be a rare treasure.

“Crown of Wave?” The man still glanced at it, “You should take it to the Water Elemental King, not here. You have 1 last chance, perhaps the last time in your life.”

Chen Rui just learned that this “bead” was actually called the Crown of Wave. Judging from the man’s tone, it should be something that the Water Elemental King attached great importance to, but he had no time to think about it now because he only had one last chance.

The man’s voice was still very calm. The surrounding breath had no murderous intent. Chen Rui did not think this was a joke at all. If he couldn’t show an item that would interest the man next, then he would definitely end up being killed instantly.

At the juncture of life and death, Chen Rui took a deep breath. There is only the black potion left. Although this may expose a lot of matters, in order to save my life, I cannot care about so much. I don’t know if the Demi-G.o.d powerhouse is interested in black potions. If even this can’t attract him, then there is really only a dead end.

The moment Chen Rui wanted to take out the black potion, he suddenly thought of something. There was already something in his hand: A “flower”.

This flower seemed to be formed by some kind of crystal. It was about the size of 2 fists, and it exuded an alluring red.

As soon as he took it out, the man’s gaze changed. Chen Rui felt dizzy, and he was instantly shrouded in a terrifying breath. In an instant, he had an illusion of being annihilated. A ghastly voice that penetrated his soul came to his ear, “Flower of Abyss! Where did this come from?”

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