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Chapter 1254: [Time Trap]

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Chapter 1254: [Time Trap]

Abaddon did not exaggerate the fact. Originally, the Abyss army at the door between the 2 worlds had been suppressed by the Mountain Seckred’s kingdom’s external forces. New troops couldn’t enter the Demon Realm, and all those who entered before had been eliminated. Now that the variable Abaddon appeared, the Heavenly Slaughter Formation was forced to restrain its breath to focus on dealing with the 3 strongest enemies. After losing the suppression of the large formation, more and more of the Abyss army poured out from the door between the 2 worlds and spread around.

All the Pseudo-G.o.d powerhouses and a considerable part of the Demi-G.o.d powerhouses in the Demon Realm and the human world were concentrated in the pentagram formation controlled by the Heavenly Slaughter Formation. Facing the surging army of the Abyss, it was no longer possible to rely on high-end combat power to contain it.

While various magic crystal cannons, catapults, and ordnances were firing wildly, a vast expanse of white creatures appeared in front of the torrent of the Abyss army, colliding without fear of death. It turned out that these were undead legions. Endless armed skeleton soldiers surged toward the Abyss monsters. Rows of necromancers in black robes appeared in the distance. The leader was the most famous necromancer, Guradam.

In the human world, necromancer was one of the most evil p.r.o.nouns. Under the sun, this kind of evil was absolutely not allowed to exist. However, there was no such concept in the Demon Realm. Shea the Great of the Fallen Angel Empire had defeated Red Spirit Lord and the regent. During the usurp, the undead army had made great achievements, so all countries were secretly cultivating this kind of necromancer, but there was a hidden rule that must be followed, that was, the experimental objects could only be places like ancient battlefields or cemeteries. They could not be living humans.

When the Human Coalition Army first entered the Demon Realm, the undead army had played a role. Now, all the necromancers had been summoned together under the unified command of Guradam to fight against the most terrifying enemy.

At this moment, the living needed the power of death to save them.

The white sea of ​​skulls and the torrent of the Abyss merge together, consuming each other constantly. In this super-large collision, unless there was a single force that could decide the outcome of the battle, individual strength was just a drop in the ocean. The border between the 2 sides was fiercely moving from time to time during the attrition of war. The skeletons had no fear, no distinction between high and low morale, and they were also not afraid of death, but their strength was much inferior after all. Under the swarm of the Abyss, the bones were shattered away. The b.l.o.o.d.y torrent began to push forward step by step.

After the skeleton soldiers in front were crushed one after another, carts were pushed out from behind with skeleton magicians on board. Countless intertwined rays of light flew toward the Abyss army, clearing a huge wave of monsters. Many more demonic beast skeletons appeared in the sea of ​​skeletons. Many of them were even flying in the air, while many translucent phantoms rushed toward the Abyss.

Because this kind of battle was easy to be accidentally injured by one’s own side, the soldiers of the coalition army did not charge on the ground together. The goblin warriors precisely controlled the war ordnances behind them, blasting the flame meteors one by one into the b.l.o.o.d.y torrent. The magic crystal cannons were also firing intensively. The flying a.s.semble puppets and giant dragons were throwing bombs alternately toward flying blazing flame witches and the Abyss lords. The snipers hidden in the distance were aiming at those leader-level monsters.

Under such relentless firepower, the Abyss’ swarm was contained, and the morale of the coalition army was boosted instantaneously.

However, the undead army, which seemed to be as vast as the sea, could not be truly endless. It would eventually be exhausted one day; as for the soldiers of the coalition army, it was impossible to maintain the high morale state forever. Even if it was like this for one day, then how about 2-3 days or more?

These 2 kinds of ‘impossibility’ were ‘possible’ on the side of the Abyss army. No matter how much their companions lost, no matter what kind of blow they suffered, they would never stop and continue to attack frantically.

This kind of madness was also equivalent to a kind of numbness. If it was a truly conscious life ent.i.ty, it was pitiful indeed.

Now, it was not the Blood Claw Estate that was facing the most serious crisis, but the Heavenly Slaughter Formation.

In the Heavenly Slaughter Formation, Satan and the other 2 were in a difficult battle.

Python suffered the most pressure. Although there was a balance of pentagram power, Sosbach’s strength was the strongest one, and he was also the one whose gap could not be narrowed. In the beginning, although [Water Profound Mystery] had the upper hand for a while, Fear Lord was Fear Lord after all. After adapting to this fighting style, he quickly calmed down from his anger and used his own absolute power to firmly suppress Python.

Compared with Python’s battle situation, Michael’s situation was the most dangerous. He was ambushed by Abaddon before, and the impact of that blow was heavier than expected. It was not ordinary injury, but with the extremely corrosive Abyss power, constantly eating his flesh and soul. Michael’s opponent was Dillosro, so he had no time to heal the injury and dispel the Abyss power. He could only use the elemental arm power to suppress the wound, so his combat power would inevitably be discounted. Facing Despair Lord, who was stronger than him, he had already suffered several deep wounds in just a few rounds.

Satan’s pressure against Abaddon was definitely not comparable to that of Michael and Python, but his battle was the most intense. Neither of them delayed the fight. Instead, they fight head-to-head as soon right away. Nonetheless, it was impossible to kill each other in a short time.

Abaddon had been fully transformed into the Abyss, and his strength had increased compared to before. Satan’s strength had also improved, but in the battle of the White Sea, he lost the Book of Destruction and caused great damage to his vitality. Although he had basic recovery with the use of potion and sub-kingdom, his combat power would inevitably decline. It was quite difficult to defeat Abaddon.

“Boom boom boom…” Amid the continuous sound of explosions, Python was knocked backward. For this kind of pure energy shock, [Water Profound Mystery] could barely resolve it; it was impossible to use it to fight. After Sosbach succeeded, he continued to emit the energy shock. Finally, Python could no longer maintain the state of close combat and was knocked away. Sosbach was injured profusely just now, so of course he wouldn’t give her another chance to approach him. The Red Flame Bow had already appeared in his hand, ready to shoot her from a distance.

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Michael was covered in blood, and he was also in a dangerous state. Dillosro’s strength was already above him, and he also possessed that terrifying soul shock, which even the elemental arms couldn’t resist.

“What a [Time Trap], even I can’t avoid it.” Sosbach’s dark green eyes narrowed, “But what a desperate move. Or do you want to delay time and wait for that Chen Rui’s reinforcements? Where is he?”

“Even if this [Time Trap] is interesting, it’s time-limited after all.” Abaddon sneered, “Besides, it’s only the kingdom that’s slowed down. The Abyss army outside is not affected. Even if you get away with it in the end, the outside world has also been destroyed.”

Satan ignored Sosbach and Abaddon while controlling his slow body to avoid Abaddon’s slowed blow. His fists with [Collapse Extermination]’s breath hit Abaddon from a distance.

The battle outside the Mountain Seckred kingdom was still extremely fierce. Before one realized it, a day had pa.s.sed.

The continuous fierce battle left few white skeletons and a sea of ​​phantoms at the front. At this time, rows of long black lines appeared on the hillside behind. They were the nightmare knights holding spears and riding undead horses.

This was also the last undead army.

Taking advantage of the slope and distance, the nightmare knights formed a black arrow formation and sprinted toward the blood-red army. There were several skeleton dragons in the air. This kind of terrain had certain advantages for the knights. Under the powerful impact, the formation of the Abyss army was breached with several openings. However, these openings were quickly filled by monsters rus.h.i.+ng in from behind, and the black arrows became smaller and smaller before they finally disappeared without a trace.

The undead army had been exhausted so far whereas the army of the Abyss was still pouring out from the gate of the 2 worlds endlessly.

Next was the real test of life and death. The coalition army could only rely on its own force.

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