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Chapter 2484

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Chapter 2484: I’m Not Used To Sleeping With Others

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The McCarthy Manor took up a lot of land. It was just like a city that stood alone and separated from the busy world out there.

Mag sized up this opulent manor as he listened to Baussaint’s introduction, trying to verify it with the intel and map in his mind.

He could also sense three terrifying presences deep within the compound, which was also the heart of the compound.

Three Extraordinaire powerhouses were guarding the compound and they were not all the Extraordinaire powerhouses within the McCarthy Manor. Such a heritage was indeed shocking.

The employee admission procedure for a big family was rather complicated. Mag still went through layers of checks before getting his own employment pa.s.s, even though he was someone personally brought in by Nancy.


Even after he got his employment pa.s.s, as a chef, he could only move in certain zones in the compound.

Other than a name and a salary that looked slightly better, this so-called special chef was no different from a maid in the plutocrats’ eyes.

“Congratulations for becoming a part of the McCarthy Manor. This will be the most honorable day in your life.” Baussaint looked at Mag, who had just received his employment pa.s.s, with gratification.

“Do they have to brainwash me even when I am just working here?” Mag complained in his heart. Even in Underground City, shouldn’t the most honorable day in his life be yesterday, when he won the Top Chef Compet.i.tion?

After exchanging some polite words with Baussaint, Mag made up the excuse that he was tired and wanted to rest at the dormitory.

Baussaint brought Mag to the chef’s dormitory. As the special chef, Mag was able to have a room to himself.

However, before they reached the dormitory, he saw a maiden in a high school girl’s uniform, sitting on the short wall in front of a villa. Her slender and fair legs were swinging.

“Oh dear.” Baussaint went white.

Mag flicked a glance at that maiden. She was about 15 or 16 years old. That point was deduced from her flat figure which was similar to Babla’s, but Mag narrowed his eyes when he saw her face. This maiden looked 50 percent to 60 percent like Nancy. However, Nancy looked more aloof and sophisticated while this girl had a pair of flirty eyes.


As though she heard their footsteps, the maiden suddenly turned around and her gaze locked onto Mag’s face. She revealed an amused smile.

Norma McCarthy. Mag recognized that maiden immediately.

However, what is she doing here at the chef’s dormitory zone? Is she waiting for me?

Mag pretended not to know anything. He continued to walk forward, half a step behind Baussaint.

“Miss Norma, what are you…” Baussaint went up to greet her humbly. He lowered his head, as he didn’t dare to look at that pair of fair and slender legs.

The maiden sitting on the parapet ignored Baussaint and asked Mag, “You are Hades?”

Mag didn’t have the habit of lowering his head in front of women, so he looked straight at that pair of slender and fair legs, which had smooth and glowing fair skin.

“Yes.” Mag nodded and continued to stare at her legs.

As long as he didn’t feel embarra.s.sed, the others would be the ones feeling embarra.s.sed.

Norma, who was used to the servants lowering their heads in front of her, didn’t expect this chap to stare at her. His gaze resembled two laser beams, which made her snap her legs together unnaturally, and she also blushed.

However, this fellow was even more handsome in real life than on the screen with his high nose and exquisite features, especially that pair of brown eyes. They were obscure and peaceful. He seemed to be staring at her, but he didn’t feel creepy. He seemed to be simply appreciating her, which was clean and pure.

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She didn’t know why, but her aura diminished a little. She coughed softly before saying, “Do you know that the snake’s kidney that you used in the compet.i.tion belonged to me?”

Norma placed her hands on her waist and angrily shouted, “Bast*rd! Stop right there!”

Mag had already reached his dormitory on the second floor with a smile on his face.

Rich young mistresses like Nancy and Norma had plenty of bootlickers of different breeds around them.

For an aloof and proper woman like Nancy, you would naturally gain her attention as long as you let her see your unique abilities.

Meanwhile, you couldn’t indulge a spoiled girl like Norma. But the more you go against her will, the more she wants to get back her superiority and confidence from you.

Mag had already decided to use Norma as the entry point, so he naturally had to give her a memorable first meeting.

The dormitory wasn’t big, but the single room wasn’t small either.

It was a 50 square meter suite for one, that was complete with a bedroom, a shower, a small living room, and entertainment area. Moreover, it even came with a fully-equipped kitchen with a full set of kitchenware. He could do simple cooking here.

This was one of the special chef’s benefits. The normal servants usually shared a dormitory.

The doorbell rang before he even sat down.

“She’s so impatient.” Mag unb.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt before opening the door.

Norma, who was clenching her fists and knocking on the door furiously, knocked on Mag’s chest twice.

She knocked on his firm chest since his s.h.i.+rt was opened. There were even two soft thuds when her fists touched his chest.

The ambiance at the door became a little weird instantly…

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