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Chapter 2483

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Chapter 2483: Going Into the McCarthy Manor

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This mysterious organization with a long history was almost invisible in the normal folks’ world, but it had countless connections with all the plutocrats.

Before this, Mag knew that this organization must have connections with all the plutocrats or it might be the sponsor behind the plutocrats. However, judging from all the plutocrats’ insiders’ information, this connection was even more complicated.

The plutocrats weren’t the controller behind the Immortels. Instead, the plutocrats were supporting the Immortels.

The Immortels seemed to have something that made the plutocrats fearful. Perhaps, it was something that could make the plutocrats bow to them willingly.

All the clues showed that something like that existed, but none of them could point it out accurately. It was a taboo-like existence.


Of course, the plutocrats were no pushovers, either. The relations.h.i.+p between the two parties was more like partners.

The disappearance of Congressman Tamm was related to the Immortels and the McCarthy Family was the executor.

Mag was sure that Congressman Tamm wasn’t brought to the McCarthy Manor. Based on a secret message within the McCarthy Family, Congressman Tamm was already pa.s.sed to the Immortels on the day of the kidnapping.

“Isn’t this ridiculous? What’s the use of me going into the McCarthy Manor then?” Mag pursed his lips. He tried so hard to win the Top Chef Compet.i.tion in order to get into the McCarthy Manor. In the end, the congressman wasn’t even there.

Mag paced around in his room as he pondered. A while later, his eyes lit up.

“It’s Ferdinand’s intel that was wrong. I just have to get that secret message and give it to Ferdinand, and my mission will be naturally completed,” Mag thought.

That secret message was sent by Gardner, the McCarthy Family’s Third Master, to the head of the family, Theodore. Gardner was the CEO of the Demarca Group under the McCarthy Family and the person-in-charge of the McCarthy Family’s department of external affairs. He orchestrated Congressman Tamm’s kidnapping.

Mag had already received that encrypted message, but it would be difficult to explain how he got it if he pa.s.sed it to Ferdinand right away.

How should he say it? He couldn’t say that he was a genius and he became a super hacker by self-study and hacked into the McCarthy Family’s intranet just after coming to Underground City for a few days, right?

He got the message so easily when the military couldn’t even get it with their powerful intel network?

Mag had a clear understanding of Ferdinand. He must be very sure that he could control everything about Mag since he dared to let him enter Underground City and promised to let him go read the sacred stele.

As soon as he behaved abnormally and exceeded Ferdinard’s expectations, this working relations.h.i.+p would probably crumble.

It seemed like he still had to make a trip to McCarthy Manor. It was time to display his real acting skills.


The [Judging Fergus] incident caused a huge hoo-ha in Underground City. It was gratifying to see an evil-doing plutocrat’s young master whom the law couldn’t punish, get judged and sentenced.

At the same time, almost all the plutocrats’ young masters had disappeared together. Those nightclub’s princes and princesses and the organizers of the top parties, had all disappeared instantly.

Even those youngsters, who behaved atrociously publicly because of their family’s power, tamed down a lot.

Even Fergus, a plutocrat’s direct heir, was judged and sentenced under the protection of an Almost-Extraordinaire. What were they?

Ferdinand looked at the file that was sent to him by his secretary and a smile appeared on his aloof face. “That fellow corrected the plutocrats’ long-standing obnoxious bad habits by just killing two people. The bullies are indeed afraid of those who are not afraid of death.”

He admired this young man’s power and brains greatly. n.o.body was his match among the Underground City’s younger generations.

It was a pity that he came from the Norland Continent.


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Early the next morning, Mag received the message sent by Nancy’s a.s.sistant. After packing his personal effects, he followed the a.s.sistant to the rooftop via the VIP’s elevator.

“After we get back, you have to be careful of Norma. That girl is petty. You used her Medusa snake’s kidney to make a dish, so she’s definitely going to make things difficult for you.” Nancy reminded him again. “But, you don’t have to be too worried. Tell me if she bullies you. I’ll get her to control herself.”

Mag nodded, but his thoughts began to spin.

Wasn’t Norma McCarthy the precious daughter of Gardner, Nancy’s third uncle? She was bossy and pampered, and didn’t seem to get along with Nancy.

He was brought into the McCarthy Family by Nancy, so he would be labeled as Nancy’s loyal dog. Furthermore, he killed her pet for its kidney. It was only natural for her to make trouble for him.

The situation wasn’t too good, but Mag already had a rough plan in his heart.

He wasn’t going to marry into the family. He was going to escape after he completed his mission. Was there a need for him to handle the situation carefully?


The fighter jet took off and hovered above a field a few minutes later.

Mag followed Nancy out of the fighter jet. He looked at the s.p.a.cious field and cl.u.s.ters of luxurious villas. It seemed to be two different worlds from those skysc.r.a.pers that were hundreds of storeys tall.

In the center of Tucker City, where land was as precious as gold, only the top ten plutocrats could be this luxurious and pompous.

“Welcome home, Second Young Mistress.” A middle-aged man who was dressed like a butler, bowed and greeted Nancy, along with 10 or so other servants and maids.

After saying a few words to that butler, Nancy left.

The butler only walked towards Mag after he saw that Nancy had gone far away.

The butler brought Mag to a small path at the side and said as they walked, “Mr. Hades, I am Miss Nancy’s personal butler, Baussaint. Please follow me. I’ll bring you to familiarize yourself with the manor and some things that you need to take note of after you settle into your position…”

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