Unscientific Beast Taming

Ligh Spring Flow - 轻泉流响

Chapter 1284 - 1284 Shocking the Space Emperor for Ten Thousand Years (4)

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Chapter 1284 - 1284 Shocking the s.p.a.ce Emperor for Ten Thousand Years (4)

1284 Shocking the s.p.a.ce Emperor for Ten Thousand Years (4)

The gem cat looked at Shi Yu: “?”


“Erm, beautiful sister, the Teleportation Key Stone in your hand…” At this moment, the female succubus suddenly smiled and said to the gem cat girl, “Do you have any thoughts of selling it? We can buy it at a high price.”

The gem cat was stunned and said, “No! This is a gift from the heavens!!”

Seeing this, Shi Yu also looked at the World Tree and ignored the gem cat doing business. In any case, the gem cat had just explained its relationship with him. There shouldn’t be anyone on the Blue Planet who could forcefully buy and sell under the nose of the World Tree.

“Well, I also have something to do.” Shi Yu sensed the World Tree telepathically and said, “Change the map. Private chat?”

The World Tree was stunned. Why was he being so mysterious?

What Shi Yu wanted to say… was naturally about Emperor Shi…

At the same time.

World King Planet.

Sky City.

The big city closest to the Floating Planet outside the World King Planet was also a faction established by the s.p.a.ce Emperor when he was working hard on the World King Planet. Later on, Lin Feng joined it.

At this moment, in a room in the Floating City, with a flash of light, Zi Lan directly arrived from the Blue Planet.

“Hu…” Sensing that the world energy on the World King Planet was more than a thousand times richer than on the Blue Planet, Zi Lan was like a fish returning to water, revealing a comfortable expression.

“As expected… this place is still more comfortable.”

“But if it’s the first time the Blue Planet and the others come, they should have to adapt for a period of time. After all, the gravity here is stronger.”

She stretched happily and quickly left the room, heading to the only place in Sky City where she could communicate with the Floating Planet.

The news of the Blue Planet would definitely shock Teacher!!

Zi Lan and the others could be considered to have gone out on important missions. According to the estimated time, Zi Lan and the others should have been able to transmit the news two years ago, but they were so slow. It was very difficult not to guess that something had happened.

Fortunately, Zi Lan returned first. Her appearance immediately made the entire Sky City tremble. Because the news she brought back was the highest secret, they immediately cooperated with her and contacted the s.p.a.ce Emperor far away on the floating planet.

On the intermediate-level planet, Floating Planet, the s.p.a.ce Emperor and Lin Feng had also been waiting for news of Zi Lan and the others for a long time. They had even met and deduced it a few times, but unfortunately, there were no results.

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Until this time…

“What about Dong Huang?”

Zi Lan said, “Very good. Now, it’s the greatest faction on the Blue Planet. Under the protection of the Divine Source Legendary for hundreds of years, no totem wars occurred again. However, he’s too old and often sleeps. Usually, Lord Lin Feng’s great-grandson is basically running the country…”

The s.p.a.ce Emperor smiled. He didn’t expect Dong Huang to be so powerful under the lead of the old man that Lin Feng mentioned.

“However, the greatest contributor to making Dong Huang the number one country on the Blue Planet is actually someone else.”

“Oh?” The s.p.a.ce Emperor was curious.

Zi Lan said, “His name is Shi Yu. He’s from Ping Cheng, Dong Huang’s Icefield. He’s 21 years old now and became a Beast Tamer three years ago. He’s an expert in various fields, such as expert feeding, archeology, machinery, and battle. He’s even known by the World Tree as the strongest Beast Tamer on Blue Planet.”

“What???” The s.p.a.ce Emperor couldn’t help but say, “How old is he?”

“21 years old, and he only became a Beast Tamer three years ago??”

“Blue Planet’s strongest Beast Tamer??”

Although on World King Planet and Floating Planet, human children could start cultivating at the age of six or seven, if the s.p.a.ce Emperor remembered correctly, on Blue Planet, human Beast Tamers basically started cultivating when they were in their teens.

It was already too late for Shi Yu to start cultivating at the age of 17 or 18. He didn’t look like a descendant of a Beast Tamer family, but he actually became the recognized strongest on Blue Planet in just three years? How was that possible?

“Icefield, Ping Cheng, why haven’t I heard of it?” The s.p.a.ce Emperor fell into deep thought. If it wasn’t those famous capitals, it meant that Shi Yu’s family background might not be strong.

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