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Legend Of The Sacred Knight - 圣骑士的传说

Chapter 2049 - On this day, we're all Tyrannical Song

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Chapter 2049: On this day, we’re all Tyrannical Song


Translator: G.o.dBrandy 

The beast cultivators respected and loved Senior Tyrannical Song, but at least for the duration of this trial, they did not want to see him again.

Now, in this last test of the second moon trial, everyone felt relieved when they discovered that Senior Tyrannical Song was nowhere to be seen.

“As long as Senior Tyrannical Song is not here, we can pa.s.s this last test!” This thought and belief emerged in the minds of 90% of the trial takers.

Anyway, the partic.i.p.ants were placed inside different “worlds.”

Someone landed beside a blonde fairy maiden with a blurry face who was busy hammering a magical treasure on a forging table.


Someone sat quietly in the middle of a group of seniors discussing the Great Way. Similarly, the faces of this group of seniors were all blurred, and it was impossible to make out their real appearance.

Someone stood opposite a giant whale. The giant whale looked up at the sky and seemed to be waiting for something.

Someone found himself fighting a sci-fi-looking metal man.

There were a few who were relatively luckier and happened to end up with Sage White. They chatted with Sage White as they traveled through a city, and they felt as if they were going to melt at the sight of Sage White’s smile.

Finally, a group of people appeared beside a bunch of disciples of the scholarly faction. The disciples seemed to be very busy. Similarly, they also had blurred faces.


Behind the scenes, Senior White and Sister White Dragon had already prepared everything.

What the trial takers were experiencing now was an illusory reality created by Senior White. These worlds were based on Song Shuhang’s memories, with a touch of Senior White’s artistic sense attached to them.

As long as there was a script, there was nothing that Director White could not do inside his Illusory Reality World.

After ascending to the Eighth Stage, Director White’s Illusory Reality World had become very special. Everything inside the illusory could be changed according to his will.

This was something that Song Shuhang had personally experienced not too long ago.

Meanwhile, Sister White Dragon was responsible for replicating the “pain” that was experienced by Song Shuhang in his memories and transferring it to Director White’s Illusory Reality World.

Song Shuhang simply stayed in the trial area, cooperating with Sister White Dragon to pa.s.s on the “pain.”

Senior White said, “Let’s begin.”

Sister White Dragon said, “I’m ready.”

The divine dragon quietly gulped.

Song Shuhang received the signal from Sister White Dragon.

“Let the world feel pain!” Song Shuhang said in a low voice while holding Sixteen.

Sixteen blinked at him with uncertainty in her eyes.

Song Shuhang replied earnestly, “This is also part of my job.”

As he said that, the worlds where the trial takers had been transported to came to life.

The plot of each illusory world began to unfold.

The blonde fairy maiden who was holding a big and small hammer said, “Are you ready? Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, the next step is the final step required to complete the forging of the magical treasure. Are you ready to pay the price?”

Among the group of seniors who were discussing the Great Way, someone looked at the trial taker and said calmly, “Tyrannical Song, what do you think?”

The giant whale said, “Come, this is the last heavenly tribulation! Endure it, Tyrannical Song. Whether you live or die all depends on this moment!”

The sci-fi-looking metal man said fiercely, “Tyrannical Song, this time, your demise is set in stone!”

Sage White’s eyes lowered slightly, and he said softly, “Forgive me, Tyrannical Song.”

The scholarly faction disciples suddenly turned to look at the trial taker and said, “Senior Tyrannical Song, you’re here.”

Wait, what?

Tyrannical Song?

Are they referring to us?

The trial takers in each world were stunned, frozen in their original positions.

They thought that there would no longer be any appearances of “Senior Tyrannical Song” in this final test. It was also because of that thought that they had greater confidence in pa.s.sing this test.

However, none of them expected such a plot twist.

They would not get to “see” Tyrannical Song in this final test because they… had become Senior Tyrannical Song!

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This plot twist hit was so unexpected that the trial takers were all caught off-guard.

Immediately afterward, a tearing pain came from within their bodies.


Their bodies exploded all of a sudden, turning into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

The pain of this explosion stemmed from the very core of their body.

Although it was just a brief moment of pain, it was devastating.

“Aahhh~” They all let out miserable screams.

Although the trial takers’ bodies had blown into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist, the pain still reverberated in their minds. Pain crashed into their minds like a tsunami. Wave after wave after wave slammed into them.

This was the art of pain.

In fact, Song Shuhang had no memory of what it was like when he had died from exploding into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist. Back then, he had been in a deep slumber, so he did not actually remember what it felt like. However, he had felt similar levels of pain before.

There had been several times when the pain from forcibly using the secret appraisal technique left him feeling as if he was on the verge of having his body torn to pieces. Moreover, the price that he had to pay for using the secret appraisal technique was ten times more terrifying than normal pain!

If he were to casually go through his memories, he would be able to easily extract an experience where he felt pain of this level.


In the world with the giant whale.

The giant whale said softly, “Experience it for yourself. This Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation will be a very valuable experience for you.”

The eyes of all the Tyrannical Songs widened when they heard that.


Ninth Stage Heavenly Tribulation?


A bolt of tribulation lightning that could shake a person all the way to their core descended.

This lightning bolt carried with it a terrifying might and laws that could destroy worlds.

The Tyrannical Songs, who were on average at the Sixth Stage, were immediately forced to their knees when faced with tribulation lightning of this level.

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