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Legend Of The Sacred Knight - 圣骑士的传说

Chapter 2047 - I can't help but smile

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Chapter 2047 I can’t help but smile

If that’s really Shuhang’s voice, does that mean that he’s in the middle of his test? Also, what exactly was Song Shuhang made to go through that he would scream so miserably?

Sixteen rubbed her brows. Her intuition told her that there was something wrong with this


The female beast cultivator in their team asked weakly, “Brother Turntable, do we really want to proceed?”


“Let’s wait for now.” Daoist Turntable stretched out his hand and motioned for the team to sit down and rest to recharge their energies. Then, he reminded his team, “We should try to understand the situation first. According to my experience, the second trial on the golden moon is related to the divine dragon. This second test is always different. Let’s wait until the other trial takers are done, then we observe and try to get a gist of the situation.”

This was a very rational approach, and many of the other trial takers had the same idea as Daoist Turntable.

Unfortunately for them, this was within Director White’s expectations.

Twenty seconds after Daoist Turntable’s group sat down, a gentle female voice echoed in their ears from the trial area. “Welcome to the second area of the golden moon trial, where you will be taking on the harshest test of your lives. Those who pa.s.s this test will be acknowledged by the divine dragon and receive its blessing. Those who fail will fall into a h.e.l.l of despair and be unable to

reincarnate for eternity!”

Daoist Turntable was taken aback.

Have we already entered the second area?

In the next moment, Daoist Turntable’s group felt as if the world had started spinning.

It was spatial energy. They had been moved to the trial area.

With this move, the trial takers were denied the chance to gather intelligence.

“Well done.” The divine dragon grabbed a small notebook with its claws and noted down

this tactic.

“Huh? That’s Sixteen. She’s here alongside Daoist Turntable’s team,” said Sister White Dragon. She had sensed Sixteen’s presence among the second batch of trial takers.

“Sixteen is here?” Song Shuhang, who was still screaming in the huge pit, stopped and jumped out. He seemed to be full of energy, just as if nothing had happened.

Then, he activated his authority as a trial

officer and gathered the members of Sixteen’s

team who were about to be split up.

As for the other trial takers of the second

batch, they were still split up.

It was only Sixteen’s team that was gathered

in the same location.

The divine dragon scratched its chin with its claw. It acquiesced to Song Shuhang’s actions and, at the same time, a smile emerged on its face.

Daoist Turntable shook his head, recovering from the dizziness brought about by the teleportation.

“What is this place?” asked a young beast cultivator who was a disciple of Daoist


Daoist Turntable replied, “This is the second area of the golden moon trial. As long as you can pa.s.s this test, you’ll receive the blessing of the divine dragon like I have. When you receive the blessing, a dragon pattern will be added to the bodies of your holy apes. Be careful, this second test is not to be taken


Daoist Turntable was a Seventh Stage Venerable right now, and he had partic.i.p.ated in Garre Holy Mountain’s trial back when he was a True Monarch, receiving the blessing of the divine dragon. Now that he had reached the Venerable Realm, he joined the trial again in hopes of comprehending the General Principles Chapter of the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique).

While he was speaking, the gentle woman’s voice sounded again.

The content of the message was the same,

and it was to remind all the cultivators to open their eyes wide and focus on what was ahead of them.

Why does this voice sound like Pavilion Master Chu’s voice? Sixteen silently thought to herself.

While she was in thought, Song Shuhang’s

voice sounded in the ears of everyone on Sixteen’s team. “Here’s a tip. Prepare yourselves as you’re going to be facing the Impregnating Gaze in a short while. Don’t worry as it’s just an illusion. Be brave.”

Daoist Turntable looked around suspiciously.

“I seem to have heard Senior Tyrannical Song’s voice just now.”

In the meantime, while the other trial takers

were focused on staring ahead, Song Shuhang’s phantoms made their appearance.

Then, his deep eyes conveyed the greatness of maternal love to all the trial takers.

“Ty-Tyrannical Song!” the trial takers all exclaimed in unison.

As for Sixteen’s team, due to Song Shuhang’s

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reminder, although they were a little surprised, they did not panic. “Why did Senior Tyrannical Song appear here?” asked the young beast cultivator.

During the first test, he could secretly warn them of what was going to happen. However, during the second test, they would not have

any time to avoid the explosion even if they were warned in advance.

“Let’s wait and see,” said the divine dragon with a smile.

The free fall test was underway once more.

The second batch of trial takers was teleported over to the location of the second test. Meanwhile, the first batch was sent to

face the third test, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s nightmare.

Sixteen’s team reunited with the other trial takers of the second batch.

What’s the content of this test? Will Profound

Sage Tyrannical Song give us a hint again? Daoist Turntable thought to himself. While he was in thought, Song Shuhang’s real body appeared in front of everyone. Song Shuhang looked at Sixteen and smiled.

This time, he did not transmit his voice or give them any hints.

He began taking steps. One step, two steps, three steps… four steps…

It seemed like Director White had changed the

script again.

Previously, the explosion took place after three steps. Song Shuhang took a deep breath and took another step, then another.

After the sixth step, he felt his foot slide.

This is it!

Song Shuhang stretched out his arms and

grabbed his head, throwing it toward Sixteen. “Boom~”

The wooden body plunged to the ground, and

the power of the explosion swallowed the trial takers.

At that same time, Song Shuhang’s long hair

grabbed Sixteen and used his authority as a trial officer to bypa.s.s the flight restrictions placed in the area, dragging her into the sky.

From the sidelines, the divine dragon smiled again.

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