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Legend Of The Sacred Knight - 圣骑士的传说

Chapter 1991 - It seems that the fat ball did not have a backup plan

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Chapter 1991: It seems that the fat ball did not have a backup plan

Translator: G.o.dBrandy

Song Shuhang said as he sighed emotionally, “This is the loot I got after fighting the Netherworld’s Fat Ball.”

Ever since he got the loot, he had been so busy that he had not gotten any time to take a look at it until now.

So was the loot real or fake?

The fat ball had made so many fakes in order to deceive Senior White, but what about the one in his hand? Was it also fake?

Song Shuhang did not hesitate to use the ?Saber-Nurturing Technique? on the bone of eternity.

“Hum~” The bone of eternity jumped up happily.

“Oops, my hands slipped. I used the wrong technique.”

Conditioned reflexes really could be quite scary sometimes.

He stretched out his hand and pressed it on the bone of eternity again. This time, he activated the secret appraisal technique.

In the next moment, blood spurted out of his head.

Song Shuhang quickly switched to his smoke mode, but only his head transformed; his wooden body stayed the same.

Song Shuhang said regretfully, “Just as I thought.”

When he decided to use the secret appraisal technique, there were two things he wanted to confirm.

First, he wanted to confirm if he used the secret appraisal technique, would his wooden body also pay a portion of the price? However, it seemed that although he could deftly use the wooden body like it was no different from his actual body, it was still a foreign object and was not going to be bearing the price in his stead.

The same was true for the pseudo-eternity smoke mode, which only worked on Song Shuhang’s head.

Also, the price that he paid for the appraisal was a lot lower than what he had imagined, which was likely due to him possessing a lot of knowledge and information about the bone of eternity.

Second, he wanted to confirm if the bone was the genuine article.

[The bone of eternity: The ultimate treasure located in Fairy Skylark’s body.]

There was only that small bit of information that appeared in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Wait, it’s real?

It’s the real thing!

Song Shuhang honestly did not expect this to be the case.

As he held the bone of eternity in his hands, he felt quite lucky.

At the same time, his gaze turned to the complete Skylark’s body on the side.

This body that had tattoo-like patterns on it was Senior Skylark’s old body.

It was the body of Senior Skylark that was seized and occupied by the Netherworld’s Fat Ball. The new Senior Skylark was “born” from this old body.

Later on, the fat ball used this body to approach Song Shuhang, and when it tried reading the memories in Song Shuhang’s mind, it ended up encountering a man with a face covered in holy light that uttered the words, “The eyes of G.o.d, gazing into the future”. After reading the portion of memory, a horrifying mental storm destroyed the fat ball’s will. At the same time, Senior White Two made its main body in the Netherworld Realm fall into a trap.

With the fat ball hard suffering two hard blows, Song Shuhang seized the opportunity to take back Skylark’s body with the Embryonic Gaze, but the fat ball still managed to escape with the bone of eternity.

In theory, this body that once was Senior Skylark’s main body was not dead yet.

Moreover, it was almost intact.

An idea immediately popped up in Song Shuhang’s mind.?What would happen if I put the bone of eternity back in this old body?

Senior Skylark was still alive in the outside world. Although she was killed once by the Netherworld’s Fat Ball’s clone, she still had some means of resurrection and should be in the process of resurrecting at the moment.

If at this time, he stuffed the bone of eternity back into this intact body of Skylark, would there end up being two Senior Skylarks?

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Or would Senior Skylark, who was currently in the process of being revived, be resuscitated in this body?

After the fat ball got the bone of eternity, it got to research it for quite a while and even managed to produce imitations of it. He was worried that the bone might have been tampered with.

For example, the bone might have a remote recovery function which would allow the fat ball to track its location or teleport it back to itself.

With the realm and strength that the ruler of the Netherworld possessed, if it did leave something of the sort behind, it would probably be completely undetectable.

Sister White Dragon said, “Actually, Fairy @#%×, Fairy Creation, or me can handle it.”

She, the virtuous lamia, and Fairy Creation all had the ability to possess bodies.

Fairy Creation, in particular, was in a very strange state at the moment.

The virtuous lamia and Sister White Dragon were limited by their hosts, namely Song Shuhang and Sixteen, but Fairy Creation seemed to be able to enter other people’s bodies at her own will.

She could take the bone of eternity, dive into Skylark’s body, and then leave her body while leaving the bone of eternity in Skylark’s body.

“What a wonderful idea!” Song Shuhang nodded.

He took Fairy Creation off of his shoulders and handed her the bone of eternity. “Fairy, can you help me with this?”

“Song~ Stupid~” Fairy Creation sang, her eyes fixed on Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, “Yes, yes, yes. I’m stupid.”

Fairy Creation took the bone of eternity in satisfaction, then jumped and dove into Skylark’s body.

The bone of eternity was, in this way, brought directly into Skylark’s body.

After a few breaths, the long blue hair on Fairy Skylark’s head began to change. The blue became pitch black.

It was the start of Skylark’s resurrection process.

Song Shuhang nodded and said, “Looks like the fat ball did not tamper with the bone of eternity.”

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