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Legend Of The Sacred Knight - 圣骑士的传说

Chapter 1987 - Can I still be saved?

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Chapter 1987: Can I still be saved?


Translator: G.o.dBrandy 

Song Shuhang opened a small entrance to the Inner World and said to the Heavenly Emperor, “This is my biggest secret and life-saving trump card. After you enter, please don’t destroy it.”

Song Shuahang was only being careful because the Inner World’s strongest helper, Senior White Two, had fallen victim to the fat ball’s schemes, and he did not know how he was doing at the moment.

Otherwise, he would not have had to act with so much caution.

Sister White Dragon quietly turned her head when she heard Song Shuhang introduce the Inner World and said that it was his biggest life-saving trump card, resisting the urge to laugh.

This so-called “biggest life-saving trump card” had almost never actually saved his life.


When it came to normal enemies, Song Shuhang did not need to use it. And when it came to enemies who were powerful enough to force Song Shuhang to have to escape, all of them had the means to lock s.p.a.ce down. After all, when fighting against Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcenders, being able to lock s.p.a.ce was a must.

Sixteen did not laugh. She simply reached out and pat Song Shuhang’s head, trying to comfort him.

“Senior Song, are you trying to make me fall into a trap?” The Heavenly Emperor did not enter the Inner World immediately.

“There’s no such thing. Just believe in people for once,” Song Shuhang said. “Also, ever since the day we met, I’m the only one who keeps getting cheated. When did I cheat you on anything? Your path is in this world of mine, so I’ll bring you in and let you take a look. Afterward, if you can take your path away, I’ll let you do so.”

“This world gives me a very familiar feeling,” the Heavenly Emperor said slowly. “It’s like we come from the same source.”

Song Shuhang was stunned when he heard her words.

Then, he scoured through the clues in his mind.

The Inner World, the world of the golden lotus, and the world of the black lotus all came from the same source—they were all developed by the third Wielder of the Heaven’s Will, Striped Dragon.

The Heavenly Emperor was the work of [Wielder of the Will Liquid Metal Ball], but she was not made from scratch by the liquid metal ball. The raw materials used to make her contained a small portion of the Divine Ghost fragments.

The Divine Ghost was the first ghost spirit in the universe, and it was also a masterpiece of Striped Dragon.

The same source…

Fundamentally speaking, perhaps this is really the case.

“Sure enough, Senior Song, you seem to know a lot of things.” The Heavenly Emperor narrowed her eyes as she looked at Song Shuhang.

“What?” Song Shuhang looked confused.

Since a deadpan face can’t save me, then I can only rely on my excellent acting skills. Confusion is also a great camouflage!

Fairy Creation commented, “Song~ Acting is too exaggerated~”

His acting was too forced and did not work that well.

Song Shuhang actually had quite a bit of talent in acting. When he played the role of Senior Brother Gao Sheng, he was very successful in doing so and he was able to make people hate him.

He had the potential to act, but he needed a more experienced actor who played the opposite role to pull this potential out.

“Okay, let’s go in.” The Heavenly Emperor finally decided.

She was really interested in this life-saving trump card of Song Shuhang.

Sixteen carried Song Shuhang, Fairy Creation, and the virtuous lamia’s three-in-one tower of heads and stepped into the Inner World.

The Heavenly Emperor followed right after her.


Inside the Inner World.

Song Shuhang would usually stay in the Palace of Winter as the Great Northern Emperor had handed over control of the place to him.

After the Heavenly Emperor appeared, she glanced at the palace and said, “The Palace of Winter.”

The palaces of the Heavenly City’s Great Emperors of the Four Cardinal Directions were an important part of the Ancient Heavenly City.

Unexpectedly, the Palace of Winter had managed to remain intact.

Song Shuhang said, “Senior Northern Emperor gave it to me, so this is mine.”

The Heavenly Emperor: “…”

She suddenly did not know what to say.

After a while.

“Fellow Daoist Northern Emperor, is he still doing well?” asked the Heavenly Emperor. When she asked that, her temperament also changed a little.

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For the first time, Song Shuhang could feel the vicissitudes of time from her. It sounded as if she were reminiscing about the ancient era.

When the scholarly faction transferred the collected Heavenly City Fragments to his Inner World, the scene was very similar to this one. The ground of the Inner World liquefied and wrapped around the bottom of the Heavenly City Fragments and licked away the path from them.

Now, they were met with a familiar scene again.

The Inner World can’t possibly be trying to lick the Heavenly Emperor’s main body, right?

[Stop, stop, stop!] Song Shuhang hurriedly issued an order to the Inner World.

Quietly licking the path from the fragments was one thing as the fragments could not jump up and beat him up.

However, doing so to the living Heavenly Emperor was a completely different matter. If she were to jump up and swing her fists around, she would kill anyone her fists struck.

However, it was too late.

Just as Song Shuhang gave the order to the Inner World, the Heavenly Emperor had already jumped up.

She jumped up lightly, stepped onto the air, and looked down at Song Shuhang again. “You really did want to dupe me, Senior Song.”

Song Shuhang shouted, “I didn’t! Please listen to my explanation.”

“It’s useless for you to say anymore.” On the Heavenly Emperor’s head, an imperial crown condensed, and an imperial robe appeared on her body. She pointed her finger at Song Shuhang, and a little dot of starlight flickered on her fingertip. “However, I’ll give you a chance. I’ll give you one sentence to clear things up.”

“I…” Song Shuhang had just opened his mouth when he was suddenly interrupted.

The Inner World was his personal small world.

Attacking Song Shuhang in his small world would cause it to automatically take defensive measures.

A crystal clear lotus suddenly emerged from the ground. Then, like a huge piranha, it swallowed the Heavenly Emperor in one bite.

Immediately afterward, countless roots stretched out toward her.

Sister White Dragon: “…”

Song Shuhang asked, “Can I still be saved?”

Fairy Creation replied, “Nope.”

The virtuous lamia continued, “Just wait for your death.”

The black-skinned Soft Feather added, “Farewell.”

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