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Chapter 85

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For the army commanded by Ya Yi, Loren was almost equivalent to being an energy supply station. A large number of high-purity energy crystals that were produced on this planet could meet the recharge requirements of Gaia’s core weapons.

The Saen’s engineering team had concluded that Gaia’s core weapon was a consumable that could only be used three times. This statement was actually not entirely correct.

Gaia’s core weapon consumed incalculable energy every time it was used. When the nox race designed it, it was difficult to find a second eternal source crystal which could destroy an entire star.

Even though it was smaller than a fist-sized stone, the energy contained was enough to make this core weapon attack three times.

Because subst.i.tutes were almost impossible to find, the Saen engineering team made that judgment.

But in fact, on Ya Yi’s side, a way to recharge the core weapon had been found.

Taking the Eternal Source Crystal as the carrier, the energy of a large amount of energy crystals was transferred to this source crystal through the corresponding technology, and the quant.i.ty was used to make up for the lack of quality, so as to recycle the Eternal Source Crystal.

Returning to Loren to complete the rest and reorganization, theoretically they should be ready to capture the next planet on the plan, but the soldiers who followed the troops back to Loren found that several senior members of their legion-including the leader, had now seemed to put the plan on hold for the time being.

Since helping Ravi with his slightly curled blond hair that morning, Xie Luan watched the adult chirp about his meticulous haircut for a few days, maintaining the state he had just combed back then.

In the past few days while maintaining his hairstyle, every time the other party came to him, he seemed to want him to see it, telling him that he didn’t mess up his hair. The kind of eyes that lit up like waiting for praise made Xie Luan feel like seeing the one that only tweeted at him, the little fat chick with a furry chest.

Of course, after was.h.i.+ng his hair, Ravi’s hair still curled up again, Xie Luan stretched out his hand to comb the other party’s hair again, this time in response to the slightly bright eyes, Xie Luan continued to pat his head after finis.h.i.+ng combing the curled hair. The Kuwei chirped happily for a while.

This Kuwei now showed a particularly calm and obedient look when facing him. Xie Luan could see that the other party worked hard to show him that he was a good baby, as if he was still paying attention to the previous things.

“I’m not angry.” With a pat on the head of the person in front, Xie Luan felt that he still had to explain the matter to the other party more frankly, lest this Kuwei continued to worry.

Xie Luan didn’t take the words that the other party said on the Ark at the beginning to heart. It was normal to hear those words on that occasion.

But even if Xie Luan said so, Ravi still stood in front of him peacefully, which was what he wanted to do.

Seeing nothing else to say, Xie Luan thought for a while, and finally let the other party go.

After receiving the shared memory, Ravi began to send people to check some news he wanted to know.

For example, in the memory, the other two chubby birds who often played with him, and the couple who adopted him in the other world, however he had not received any feedback for the time being.

On the other side of the world, he and his playmates were adopted by a pair of parents. They had parents, but Ravi felt that for him, the youth in front of him must be the same as the parents.

He saw in the memory that he and another Cotto cub felt very envious because they saw the parents of other cubs flying the cubs in the sky. The young man was holding them and standing by and watching, probably aware of their emotions, the young man lowered his head and said to them, that he would take them to fly in the future.

Of course, the cubs tweeted very happily, and the young man’s words were not just to coax them casually, he really took them to fly in the sky.

The other high-level personnel seemed to be in a meeting. Xie Luan was looked at with expectant eyes by the Kuwei who had escaped the meeting. He was defeated quickly and didn’t ask anything and went to a place behind him.

“What are you going to do?” After arriving, Xie Luan looked around the s.p.a.cious courtyard patrolled by regular personnel before asking the young blond who had brought him to this place.

Ravi didn’t answer, but just a few seconds after Xie Luan’s voice fell, a very large, ferocious creature appeared in front of Xie Luan’s eyes.

The feathers were unique and beautiful dark gold, with an eagle head and sharp claw-pointed beak. Xie Luan first saw an adult Kuwei in his original form during the Cub Flying Compet.i.tion.

This Kuwei suddenly changed back to his original form in front of him, Xie Luan still did not understand the other party’s actions.

At this moment when Xie Luan was puzzled, he saw the fierce and beautiful giant creature approaching him a little closer, and then lower his body.

Xie Luan’s first reaction was to reach out and touch the beautiful dark golden feathers on this huge creature. It was different from the down feathers of the cubs. The hard feathers on the part he touched became quite obvious, unlike the cubs whose fur was so soft.

“Do you want me to go up?” Touching the hard feathers, Xie Luan looked into the eyes of this huge creature and asked tentatively.

Soon Xie Luan heard a response, which was low and deep, and completely different from the cub’s tender and crisp chirp.

He didn’t know why the other party suddenly wanted to do this but seeing the adult Kuwei who had turned back to his original form leaning down and waiting for him to climb up, Xie Luan still complied with the other’s expectations.

Climbing on the back of this huge creature, the feathers on the back were still relatively soft, Xie Luan felt like he was sitting on a soft blanket.

He could feel that he was safely fixed on the back of this huge creature by an invisible force, and then Xie Luan heard the sound of breaking the wind brought by the flapping of his wings- flying.

The scenery below became smaller and smaller in Xie Luan’s eyes. It was not in a micro mech or a stars.h.i.+p, and Xie Luan was so close to the sky for the first time.

The flying speed was very fast, and the wind was whipping across Xie Luan’s cheeks, but Xie Luan did not feel any pain because of the added protection on his body.

Comparing this huge creature that was flying in the sky with him and the little fat guy who squatted in his arms and tweeted in memory, Xie Luan now had more complicated feelings that were difficult to describe in words, and he felt a little emotional and also a little warm.

He saw the little fat boy in advance when he grew up, and it also showed that in this world, he skipped all the growing parts of this little cub.

It was not just this cub; the other cubs were the same.

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A huge creature that could cast a certain area of shadow on the ground flew so unscrupulously in the heavily guarded military zone; it almost caused a series of alarms. Fortunately, some of the guards still recognized Ravi’s original form.

Both of them had bandages on their arms. Because they were frostbitten by high-level abilities, they were different from ordinary injuries, and the injuries healed slowly.

Seeing the young man walking straight towards them, the two soldiers felt a little inexplicable and embarra.s.sed, but they were stunned by the young man’s apology.

“I’m really very sorry about the injury on your arm. I hope you can forgive him. If there is anything I can do, you can just ask me.” Xie Luan said sincerely.

They didn’t expect to hear an apology at all. The two lower-level soldiers obviously stayed silent for a second, and then they even felt flattered.

In fact, their adjutant had been very restrained and merciful, so their arms were only slightly frostbitten.

The two didn’t expect it to be in Xie Luan’s eyes, and at this moment, a mermaid with light gold and long hair came over.

“Sorry.” The voice was clear and cold, and the mermaid standing next to Xie Luan apologized to the two soldiers.

The two soldiers were completely dumbfounded.

The young man was apologizing to others for him. Thinking of this, Gale immediately followed his parent and took the initiative to speak.

It looked like the parents leading the cubs who did something wrong to apologize, inexplicably, the two lower-level soldiers felt this way.

On the way back to the residence, Xie Luan saw that the mermaid had been silently looking at him with clear blue eyes, as if he wanted to say something to him, but he was very hesitant to say it.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Luan asked slowly.

It seemed that this question from him gave the other party an opportunity to act. Xie Luan watched the mermaid stretch out the hand that he had been holding just now, and then put both hands together in a gesture of giving something.

In the palm of the mermaid’s hand, there was a beautiful ice-blue scale.

This was not the first scale dropped by this mermaid, the first scale dropped as a cub, Gale had also put it away properly.

But because he couldn’t wait for the expected person, he lost this scale.

He couldn’t find it now, even if he regretted it, he couldn’t find it.

“Papa…” Gale said this name to the young man in a very low voice, and with his beautiful blue eyes focused on the latter.

Not the first scale to fall, would the young man still be willing to accept and keep this scale for him?

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