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Chapter 82.2

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CRA Chapter 82 – part 2

Pressing the b.u.t.ton on the small treatment device in his hand, Xie Luan held the flashlight-like device pointed at the wound on the muka’s sharp forearm, allowing the treatment beam to properly cover the wound.

This kind of household treatment equipment was typically used to treat minor injuries. There was one in the cabinet at Yunbao branch, and Xie Luan carried the other one with him. Both actually intended for the cubs in the branch.

To use such outdated treatment equipment, it was even the household type! How long would it need to be pointed like this for the wound to heal completely… Watching the youth who was inexplicably earnest as he treated the muka’s wounds, the people spectating really couldn’t help thinking this within their hearts.

Moreover… For mukas, a wound of that degree would heal on its own within a few days, even if left alone. In fact, he really didn’t have to go to such trouble.

“Soon, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Softening his voice, Xie Luan subconsciously used a gentle coaxing tone.

He said soon, but the effect of the treatment beam could not reach the level of instantly healing the wound. Xie Luan could only lightly touch the uninjured areas on the sharp forearm as he treated him, hoping to divert the attention of the adult muka.

The youth was treating his wounds, one by one.

The treatment beam shone on the wound with a little warmth. In the youth’s eyes that gazed into his own, he saw something sparkling and beautiful. The adult muka issued a slightly low hissing sound from his throat.

The treatment took over half an hour to complete. After Xie Luan carefully confirmed that all the wounds on this huge muka had completely healed, he put the treatment equipment away.

Xie Luan looked at this adult muka who seemed to have become a little obedient after being treated, and felt a very clear sense of familiarity from the way the muka slightly lowered his head to him.

“What’s your name?” Xie Luan asked in a warm voice; he still didn’t know the name of this adult version of the muka cub in this world.

He was equipped with a device that enabled him to “speak”. On the small floating screen that emerged, Xie Luan saw two digits gradually appear— 01.

Digits, not letters. These two digits were quietly displayed on the virtual screen in front of the muka.

Xie Luan was taken aback. His gaze moved and fixated on them, but the two digits had not changed whatsoever.

“01” was actually the code name for this adult muka as the commander of the legion’s vanguard. Because many people addressed him as such, this muka used this code to serve as his name.

There was n.o.body in this world to name the muka. Realizing this, Xie Luan’s heart inevitably felt stifled, again.

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Originally, Xie Luan had felt a little bitter thinking that this muka might have another name; but, now, that he found the other had no name, Xie Luan was not happy at all.

The two sounded nearly simultaneously. The soldiers in the hall were still stunned for a second, then the next second they saw this scene and really wanted to laugh. In addition to this, there was also a kind of hard to describe, ineffable feeling.

Although the adult muka was several times the size of the youth, the moment this muka lowered his head into the youth’s embrace, they felt as if the strength and fragility of the two sides suddenly reversed.

The tailbone was not only just a little sore. Xie Luan hissed and prepared to wait for the pain to pa.s.s before standing up, but this time the pain lasted especially long.

He sat on the ground for a while; Xie Luan accepted this well.

But unlike in the cub period, Nick, who realized that he might have done something wrong, let out a low hiss and then stretched out a pair of forearms to the youth who was still sitting on the ground, careful to keep away the sharp parts.

Before Xie Luan managed to react, he was pa.s.sively sitting on the adult muka’s forearm.

Suddenly raised up high, Xie Luan was stunned for a moment.

As a result, this scene appeared on the battles.h.i.+p– A huge muka letting a human youth sit on his raised forearm, carrying the youth like this towards the main hall.

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