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Chapter 79.2

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Chapter 79.2

When he regained consciousness, Xie Luan was confused . He was stuck in place for several seconds before gradually regaining his ability to think .

Was this… because he touched that clock and went to another world?? His first reaction was this, but when Xie Luan stood up to observe his surroundings, he found that this should still be a place he knew, a place he had just seen not too long ago .

Gaiya .

He was in an empty room on the ark .

So that large clock merely sent him a short distance, and didn’t have the ability to teleport him to another world . Thinking like this, Xie Luan opened the door of the room and walked out .

However, Xie Luan could only take a few steps after he walked out this room . In the corridor, he was surrounded by more than a dozen soldiers armed with light beam weapons . These soldiers were all aiming their guns at him .

Being, all of a sudden, pointed at by more than a dozen guns, Xie Luan’s eyelids couldn’t help but twitch slightly . Adapting quickly to the unforeseen situation, Xie Luan first raised both his hands . As his heartbeats naturally speeded up, his mind was also turning rapidly .

Recognizing the interior of the ark battles.h.i.+p, Xie Luan was certain that the battles.h.i.+p was Gaiya . So, how could so many soldiers show up on the ark battles.h.i.+p— “Reporting, the intruder has been successfully detained, it’s a… a human being . ”

The first half of the sentence was decisive, but when it came to the second half, the soldier who opened the communication line seemed somewhat hesitant .

Someone had unexpectedly been able to sneak into their battles.h.i.+p, something they only now discovered . This in itself was already an extremely unlikely situation, not to mention that the intruder was, to their surprise, a human being with weak combat power .

He couldn’t hear what the person on the other end of the communicator said . Xie Luan only heard the replies of the nearby soldier who was pointing his weapon at him . The man then said to the others,”Take him to the main hall . ”

”I advise you not to try any petty maneuvers . You can’t escape this battles.h.i.+p . ”

Using the muzzle of the beam weapon to push the youth forward, the soldier’s voice and expression were both very cold .

As soon as he was taken to the main hall by the soldier, Xie Luan saw a figure in the hall that he knew well .

He was looking at the other, and the nox sitting in his seat also moved his gaze to him . The cyan eyes were not the same as those in Xie Luan’s memory . The originally pure cyan seemed to have become a little more deep and calm .

The sense of indifference coming from this adult nox was very clear . His handsome face was ice-cold, and the silver tail behind him was in a position that enabled him to attack at any time .

He was like a beautiful, yet dangerous, beast that would without mercy rip apart the throats of anyone who dared to approach .

Finally starting to realize something, Xie Luan opened his mouth slightly, but made no sound . He had realized that the large clock probably truly sent him to another world line .

“You actually didn’t take your own life on the spot when caught? Doesn’t appear to be a tough one . ”

The young man not far away touched his chin and chuckled a few times as he finished saying this .

“If you’re thinking of surviving by selling your original master’s intelligence, it won’t work . How about you listen to me and kill yourself now? At least you can still keep the information in your head . ”

Deliberately saying these cynical remarks, the young man showed a wicked smile on his face .

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“You are noisy . ”

The second after Xie Luan was suppressed by the two, a hand was placed on his head, and, at almost the same time, Xie Luan felt a slight dizziness .

After the ice ability, the mermaid’s mental ability, which was the second to awaken, could only reach the middle level, but it was more than enough for reading memories .

However, it had been read selectively . The memories he had drawn out and read from the mind of the youth before him still had nothing at all to do with cla.s.sified information . The few memories he had read so far were all related to some cubs .

He frowned slightly . The mermaid, once again, proceeded to widen the range of reading memories . As a result, he heard a familiar voice .



The mermaid race’s ability to recognize sounds was extremely strong . Hearing the voice within the youth’s memory, the body of the mermaid who originally had a cold expression had already slightly frozen .

Following this voice, he saw a little mermaid with an ice blue tail peacefully nested in the human youth’s embrace . The tail lifted and lightly slapped on the latter . On the forehead of the mermaid cub was the pale golden mark he was very familiar with .

Because he was probing the memories of the youth, he could only see things shown from the perspective of the youth .

He couldn’t see the expression on the youth’s face, but he could hear a very gentle and soft response .

「Gale be good . 」

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