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Chapter 52

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In nursing clubs, a cub without parents could be adopted, but it was of course not possible for just anyone to come in and casually adopt one.

First, the adopters needed to meet the general conditions set by the Star Alliance. They had to provide identification and pa.s.s the club’s audit before it could be confirmed that they were qualified for adoption.

In addition to the compulsory general conditions, different clubs may have further requirements for adopters. These requirements were all out of consideration for the cubs.

This time Xie Tao received a couple who had specifically traveled all the way from Anhal. They had not chosen to contact them on the starnet first, but to personally visit and speak to them face to face.

To some extent, this could also be seen as showing the other their sincerity.

“Because of my body, my husband and I haven’t been able to conceive a cub for years…” At the beginning of the conversation, the kuwei woman standing opposite Xie Tao looked sideways at her husband and then took the initiative to say this sentence.

Acknowledging that her body had a problem, there was no awkwardness or embarra.s.sment on the young woman’s face. She merely held her fingers together and lightly nodded to the young man in front of her. “That is why we want to adopt.”

The woman slightly paused then continued, “After adopting the cubs, we will always only have the two cubs in our family, there will never be a third. This is a promise I and my husband can make.”

She said this because they had already come across many cases like this where a couple had said that they couldn’t conceive a cub so they wanted to adopt, but after the adoption they had broken their own story.

Once their own cub was born, the adopted cubs were not treated as well as they used to and it was even possible that they were treated with coldness, which was very unfair to the adopted cubs.

Xie Tao have already had Xia Qi audit the identification given by the other and could confirm that the other was qualified for adoption. Now when he heard what the other said, he had to say that he was a little moved.

But there was one thing that made Xie Tao very puzzled.

“Why did you come to Gaia specifically?” Xie Tao observed the expressions of the two opposite people, “There are also many nursing clubs on Anhal, you didn’t have to travel so far to adopt. Moreover, you even decided which ones to adopt before you came, I want to know the reason you chose these two cubs.

They did not seem surprised that Xie Tao asked this question. The kuwei

woman showed a bright smile and answered, “It’s because I saw these two cubs at the big flying compet.i.tion, they looked very lovely standing on the stage.”

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Actually, all three cubs had been very cute. These three little fluffy cubs had all stood on the podium and received their medals with their tiny chests held high. It had caught Eli’s eye after just a quick glance.

This was why the current scene looked like this. With the two round cubs being held in the arms of the kuwei woman, who was carefully and gently tidying the feathers of the fluffy cubs.

“Tiuh, Tiuh.”

Even though they were not familiar with the two adults, when they felt the kuwei woman gently arrange their feathers with her fingers, the two little cubs raised their heads and chirped twice, calling out to her.

When she heard the two cubs chirping at her, Eli could not help but show some joy on her face. Hoping that the two cubs would have a favorable impression of her, the kuwei woman lifted her hand and touched the soft back feathers of two fluffy cubs.

However, no matter how good things were going, she knew that she couldn’t be the only one connecting with the cubs. After holding them for a long time, Eli reluctantly let her husband take one of the cubs from her arms.

Men weren’t as sensitive as women. When dealing with cubs, they may not know how to coax them. However, the other seemed very careful when handling the cub. He held him very steady and touched fluffy cub’s back, just like how his wife had done.

“How about I be your mother in the future?” Meeting the black eyes of the cub in her arms, Eli asked this in a soft voice. She then pulled at her husband standing next to her, “And he, he your father?”

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