Criminal Psychology

Hans Gross

Part 12

Report Chapter

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After-images, 442.

Aged, memory of, 272.

Aim, of applied psychology of states of mind, 3.




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Inference, 105; relation to logic and psychology, 106; and occupation, 167; and form, 168; unconscious, 168, and comparison, 170; and pos- sibility, 170; and historical truth, 17 1; Hume on, 17 1; and irregularity 173; made by witnesses, 175; and MS., 175; origin of mistakes in, 176; false, compared with illusion, 425.

Influences, reciprocal, 121; isolated, 406.

Information, source of, 62.

Innervation, muscular, and sight, 204.

Instinct, maternal, 321.

Instruction, public, and understand- ing, 241.

Intellection of foolishness, 405.

Intelligence, feminine, 332; weakness of, 362.

Intercourse between judges and ex- perts, 14; and jurymen, 15.

Interest, 37; importance in judge and expert, 38; how aroused in wit- nesses, 39; and attention, 39; in- fluences conception, 381.

Intermediaries, skipping of, 124.

Intoxication, 484; and responsibility, 485; and theft, 488; Hoff bauer on, 488.

Irradiation, 442.

Irritation, causes crime, 77.

Isolation, effect of on character, 396; on health, 397.

Issue, must be defined, 11.

Inventors as witnesses, 66.

J JAMES, W., 187, 467.

Jealousy, in women, 351.

JESSEN, 186, 275, 482, 483.

JODL, 259.

JOST, 267.

Judge, 9; relations to witness, 9; and experts, 14; and jury, 15; and confession, 31; importance of inter- est to, 14; as persuader, 162; affec- tion and pa.s.sion in, 417.

Judgment, 165; and inference, 165; and numbers, 174; feminine, 336. Jurisprudence a natural science, 10. Jury, 24; education of, 24; to be studied, 165; trial by, 106. Justice, criminal, 1; of women, 359.

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