Congratulation Empress


Chapter 78 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 70 A Farce, Part 1

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The commotion was not small. Hua FeiSheng and Hua QueQi hurriedly rushed over. Hua Wanyu followed and saw Miao Luoxiang kneeling on the ground. She hurried over to help her and anxiously said, "Mother, hurry and get up!"

"Ah…!" Miao Luoxiang's leg was. .h.i.t by a cane again. She looked at Cui XiuLin in disbelief, "Mother?!"

Cui XiuLin was furious. "How many times did I tell you guys not to provoke trouble? The Martial Arts Conference is coming and the world's heroes would converge. But you can't control yourself and rack your brains stirring up trouble! You guys go out and listen to how Yecheng says ugly things about our Hua family. My old face has been lost by you all!"

A joyful occasion turned into a tragedy. Although Jianghu's [the pugilistic world] people didn't speak directly, they were all secretly watching a joke. But some shameless people had no sense of awareness. How could Cui XiuLin not be angry?!

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Hua FeiSheng and Hua QueQi helped Miao Luoxiang on either side. "Grandmother, don't be angry and harm your body."

Hua QueQi pulled her arm and lowered his voice, "Don't add fuel to the fire!"

Hua Jinglan shrugged. "It's the truth that someone defamed me as a jinx. It's the truth that someone made up the fact that she's fated to be Empress. It's the truth that someone withdrew from the marriage with her. It's the truth that someone flew into a rage out of humiliation because her evil schemes didn't succeed. It's the truth that the Hua family's reputation is on the bottom… Maybe this situation would be immortalized for the next generations!"

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