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Chapter 77 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 69 Inverting Right and Wrong, Part 2

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Miao Luoxiang took three horrified steps back. She forced herself to be calm. "You dare to rebel?!"

Hua Jinglan lightly frowned and clicked her tongue. She suddenly smiled, "I clearly saw Hua furen [Married lady, madam] took the sword bestowed by the previous Emperor and murdered four people in a mad frenzy. Now she wants to frame me…"

Her eyes turned cold. She turned to the few people left and asked deeply, "What do you say?"

The servants were silent, afraid they would become the next victim.

"You…you are inverting right and wrong!" Even Miao Luoxiang's fingertips were trembling, in fear for Hua Wanyu's reputation, Hua Jinglan's shamelessness, and most of all, her own personal fear!

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"It seems that Hua Wanyu told you," Hua Jinglan lifted her sleeve to expose the numerous scars on her arm. She faintly said, "You see this? I will settle these debts at the Martial Arts Conference. Even if Hua Wanyu is too afraid to get in the arena, Hua FeiSheng and Hua QueQi could not escape!"

Cui XiuLin's cane hit her leg. The pain made Miao Luoxiang crumple to the ground.

"The whole world knows that our Hua family has such an evil daughter-in-law. It's not enough you instigated Wanyu, but now you dare to steal the sword bestowed by the previous Emperor? I'm not dead yet. But you want to turn the world upside down, right?!"

Miao Luoxiang kneeled on the ground. The pitiful forty-year-old silently cried.

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