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Chapter 76 Part2

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 76.2 The Martial Arts Conference

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Since ancient times, a Martial Arts Conference was a great event. So Qianmei Lake was surrounded by people early on.

Fei Ao was here early. Until the families lined up and he did not see Hua Jingland's figure did he whisper, "Why is a person missing?"

"Hua jiejie [literally: older sister, can be used to denote familiarity] can't enter the stage and make it here." Yue Zhuang was somewhat disappointed.

On the other side, Cui XiuLin looked at her own people. She frowned and whispered, "Where is Jinglan?"

"I haven't seen her since morning," Hua BaiSheng said.

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Mei Er heard from within the crowd. Something must have happened when he went with Cui XiuLin to pick up the four envoys!

"Boom!" Hua fu shook. Jiaoyue and Chuyun stopped their work and listened to the commotion outside.

"Was that… an earthquake?" Chuyun turned his head. He happened to see Hua Jinglan coming into the courtyard. He was startled and hurriedly ran over. "Xiaojie, where were you these few days?"

Hua Jinglan grabbed his arm. Her eyes flashed. "Quickly get me some food!"

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