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Chapter 75 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 68 A Big Tree Attracts the Wind, Part 2

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ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu gasped. They knew their w.a.n.gye came to see her at night. But they didn't know that he left such a thing behind! ZhuiFeng lowered his voice to ZhuYu, "Be careful of what you say!"

ZhuYu unwillingly lowered his head and respectfully said, "That is w.a.n.gye's belonging. Requesting Hua Xiaojie to personally return it."

Hua Jinglan looked amused at the two and then at the handkerchief. "Let me guess. The handkerchief in ancient times is a love token?"

ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu's backs shivered.

"Looks like I guessed correctly." Hua Jinglan smiled, "Chunyu Yan is secretly in love with me. I don't know if he would agree if I ask for two people from him…"

ZhuiFeng gritted his teeth. He immediately kneeled and received the handkerchief with both hands. "Hua Xiaojie, please show mercy!"

Even if they returned to be beaten to death by Chunyu Yan, it was still better than landing in Hua Jinglan's hands!

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Hua Jinglan petted his head. "How obedient. I heard Xiaoyao w.a.n.gfu has a very good Hongyan wine…"

"MeiEr said a big tree attracts the wind. Our Xiaojie is that tree!" Chuyun said proudly.

Hua Jinglan pinched his tender cheek. She loudly laughed, "Who would have thought that besides warming the bed, Chuyun is also cultured!"

"Pah!" The courtyard's door was kicked open. A dozen servants holding torches filed in. A figure walked in…

Hua Jinglan coldly smiled. A big tree really did attract the wind!

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