Congratulation Empress


Chapter 74 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 68 A Big Tree Attracts the Wind, Part 1

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Her sleeves fluttering, Hua Jinglan started to gather her Qi. As she was about to strike, the black-clothed man stared blankly. Hua Jinglan moved slyly and stabbed with the dagger. Each strike was deadly. The black-clothed man easily dodged. His eagle-like sharp gaze stared at her.

"Hiss…" Sounds of a snake hissing spread in the air. The Qi energy wall rushed upwards to the sky. The black-clothed man's eyes were shocked. His next strikes became deadly, enough to take her life!

 Hua Jinglan felt a pain in her abdomen. She could only do this much. Gathering any more Qi would be fatal!

"Xiaojie!" Jiaoyue and Chuyun were awakened. They rushed out the door and struck towards the black-clothed man.

He waved his hand and swept the two away. He was approaching Hua Jinglan when two people suddenly flew out of the treetops and waved swords at him!

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Hua Jinglan's Qi dispersed and the Qi energy wall disappeared. Her body softened. Luckily Jiaoyue and Chuyun caught her in time.

Hua Jinglan laughed. "Where's your w.a.n.gye?"

"w.a.n.gye is in his w.a.n.gfu of course," ZhuYu replied stiffly.

Hua Jinglan withdrew Chunyu Yan's handkerchief from her sleeves. "Give this back to him."

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