Congratulation Empress


Chapter 72 Part2

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 72.2 Who's a Hoodlum?

Hua Jinglan turned over and jumped up. She licked her lips, "Your taste isn't bad either!"

Such a person with no restraint really made everyone in Xiaoyao w.a.n.g fu open their eyes. Chunyu Yan got up and his gaze was mischievous. "I'll save the position of Xiaoyao w.a.n.gfei [a w.a.n.g's consort] for you."

Hua Jinglan glanced at him. "I can have lots of men, but my man can only have me. My requirements aren't high. One: can be seen in public and can cook. Two: with clothes on, he's a gentleman; without clothes, he's a **. Three: he wouldn't look askance outside and listen to everything I say inside. If I hit him, he won't hit back. If I scold him, he won't talk back. He must be taller than 1.88 meters. His abdominal muscles can't be less than a six-pack. It's best if he has more than 66 hectares of land and lots of money. An eight-person sedan takes me outside the house. Inside the house, bird's nest and shark fin are reluctantly accepted."

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ZhuiFeng and ZhuYu looked on in disapproval. You weren't afraid of drowning in your own saliva?!

Jiaoyu and Chuyun picked their ears. They didn't hear wrong right?!

"As to whether my abdominal muscles are a six-pack…" Chunyu Yan lowered his s.e.xy voice, "Find a place where's no one around, I'll let you see…"

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