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Chapter c7

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Chapter 8 – Humiliation

Translated : Sugar

Editor :zxrdm

After the escaping from the crowds, the lanterns on the streets are all lit up and Ti Tou Pavilion is already packed. Jin Lan followed the crowd in, allowing her to blend in with the crowd causing the guards to miss her.

“Call the Madam to come out,” Jin Lan grabs the nearest tea server.

After looking at Jin Lan’s clothes, he nods his head,bows and leaves to find the Madam.

“Oh! Dear customer, which gentlemen interests you? Hmm….” the Madam greets while walking towards to Jin Lan. “IT’S YOU AGAIN!” the Madam shrieked just when she saw Jin Lan and was about to turn around to walk away.

By now, Jin Lan’s actions in Ti Tou Pavilion had already been spread almost everywhere, especially the recent “Using drugs to achieve love” and “Jumping into the river to suicide” act. It is Glory City’s most popular news currently.

Without saying a single word, Jin Lan takes a single hundred silver tael banknote and shoved it in the Madam’s face. “I want to see Wen Zhao Yi!”

The madam is drooling after seeing the money, however, her face remains unchanged, “I am sorry, but our Zhao Yi is currently entertaining a customer….”

Jin Lan takes another banknote out. “If he is still busy, I will come another day.”

“Look at you! So impatient. Hurry, please come this way.” While leading the way, the madam keeps shouting “Zhao Yi, there is customer!”

For Chu Yun on one hand, was unwilling to part with the silver banknote, and on the other hand proudly said. “This is the first time I actually see the madam bowing and showing so much respect to Young Mistress!”

Jiao Yue also enviously said, “Young Mistress is currently rich now, however in the future if I too is able to get that much, I would take some and shove it as well!!”

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Jin Lan smiles and pretends that she has not heard what both of them say and continues to follow the madam through a corridor into a stand alone loft.

Jin Lan snicker, “Don’t worry, I am not interested in your body… Chu Yun, Jiao Yue hurry up.”

Chu Yun and Jiao Yue start to pull Zhao Yi’s clothes, the madam who is waiting outside dashed in… “What are you doing? You know our Zhao Yi only sells his talent and skills…”

Jin Lan quickly waves her hand, “Even if he paid me, I am also not willing to sleep with him… I have particular hobby of seeing people dancing naked. How about this, for every single piece of clothing he removes, I will pay one hundred silver taels!”

The madam is interested, however Zhao Yi’s face brightens until his neck is red and roared “JIN LAN, DO YOU WISH TO DIE?!”





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