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Chapter 69 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 65 Hua Family's Scandal, Part 2

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"This slave also cannot bear to see her arrogance. A wild pheasant wants to fly above the tree branches to be a phoenix!" WenXia brought a cup of tea over. But the carriage shook and it was poured all over Situ Ke.

 "You darned girl!" Situ Ke was in pain and wanted to hit WenXia.

"Begging Crown Princess's forgiveness…" WenXia begged. But her body fell over and landed on Situ Ke's legs.

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"You…why are you here?" Situ Ke looked at Hua Jinglan who suddenly appeared. She subconsciously shrunk back.

Hua Jinglan's lips curved. "Does Crown Princess want to remove this opponent?"

Situ Ke frowned. She hesitated for a bit, "How to remove?" Hua Jinglan moved to Situ Ke's side. Before she could react Hua Jinglan grabbed her head and knocked it towards the table!

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