Congratulation Empress


Chapter 67 Part2

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 67 The Walls Have Ears, Part 2

"Xiaojie, it's late. Why don't you go in first?" Jiaoyue wrapped a cloak around Hua Jinglan. "Your injuries aren't healed yet!"

Hua Jinglan reached out and touched the whip mark on Jiaoyue's face. "Rest a.s.sured. It won't leave a scar."

Jiaoyue slightly smiled, "Jiaoyue never cared what her appearance is like. It's fine as long as Xiaojie doesn't abandon her."

Hua Jingland thoughtfully nodded, "You go in first."

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Jiayoue went to her room, but Boli squeezed out of the doorway. It mimicked Hua Jinglan and cheeped twice on the steps. She petted its head and was about to speak when strong wind shook her.

The man in black did not speak and only attacked. Hua Jinglan saw that a Qi wall gradually forming behind him. It was about sixty-six meters, with occasional slight blasts of wind. It was a Green Phoenix!

ZhuQue Rank! Hua Jinglan was astonished!

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