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Chapter 65 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 63 A Thief in the Night, Part 2

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"Look at what you've done to yourself."

Half asleep, Hua Jinglan felt someone helped her up. A pair of big hands inserted Qi into her back. The heat in her body slowly dissipated and she slowly slept with a soothing sensation.

Chunyu Yan held her and brushed her sweaty hair aside with his fingertips. It was hard to see what expression was in his eyes.

"w.a.n.gye," Zhui Feng looked at the unconscious person, "The medicine is here."

"Decoct it," Chunyu Yan didn't turn his head.

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Zhui Feng looked at the unconscious person and was momentarily joyful in his heart. He hurriedly built a fire outside the courtyard.

Seemingly angry, he bowed down and bit her lips. He angrily vented and bit hard. He finally stopped when he saw dots of red.

Zhui Feng looked at the breezy Chunyu Yan who came out and became mute. He had walked in with a face of wanting to eat people. Why did he come out with the appearance of someone successfully stealing fish?

w.a.n.gye really was w.a.n.gye. He didn't understand him at all.

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