Congratulation Empress


Chapter 62 Part1

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Congratulations, Empress Chapter 62 Both Sides Lose, Part 1

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The Hua Feisheng who rushed over was scared by the scene. He could see the towering Qi wall, like a long dragon; pull out the trees and bamboos. The leaves were swept in the air and entered the stream of Qi.

In the battleground, the Qi was coming from Hua Jinglan. She walked with a murderous air towards Hua Wanyu who was on the ground.

"Hua Jinglan!"

Hua Feisheng shouted. But not only did Hua Jinglan not stop, she increased her speed!

The Qi wall had not flown towards Hua Wanyu yet. But Hua Feisheng no longer cared. He flew forward and with full strength, sent a palm strike against it!

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"Boom!" The collision with the flow of air emitted a loud noise. Hua Feisheng felt a despotic force shake his internal organs. It was very painful!

The shrill screams were gone and the bamboo grove resumed its peace. The crowd of servants was already scared silly. Hua Wanyu was in a cold sweat. She saw Hua Feisheng's forehead bursting with veins and she hurriedly went over to help him.

Hua Feisheng lifted his hand, motioning her to not touch him.

Hua Jinglan with a white face, coldly glared at Hua Wanyu. "I'll let you go today. Remember, you're looking for death if you go against me!"

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