Congratulation Empress


Chapter 61

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Congratulations, Empress [王妃,王爷有喜了] Chapter 61

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The sounds of the whip tearing into flesh turned people cold. Hua Jinglan stood upright under the wind from the whip, eyes red.

Jiaoyue didn't know when she woke up, hoa.r.s.ely crying, "Xiaojie [Unmarried Miss, Lady], Jiaoyue is useless, can't protect you…"

Memories of the past flew by Hua Jinglan's mind. In the past, Jiaoyue suffered a lot of whip lashes for her, until her flesh was lacerated. But now she and Chuyun were covered all over with cuts and bruises. Her legs couldn't move so she crawled forwards in front of Hua Wanyu!

"Er Xiaojie [Second Miss, Lady, i.e. Hua Wanyu], if you have to hit…hit nubi [Literally: "slave"] …" Jiayue begged with unsteady breaths.

Hua Wanyu laughed loudly, almost to tears. She pointed at Hua Jinglan, "Jiejie, jiejie [Literally: older sister], you still need a lowly nubi to protect you? Why are you still alive? You still have the face to be alive?!"

The laughter stopped and Hua Wanyu's face turned sinister. "Since it is so, I will fulfill all of you!"

Jiaoyue and Chuyun closed their eyes and bit their lips, preparing for the upcoming pain.

The expected pain from the whip did not fall onto their bodies. Jiaoyue opened her eyes and a tall and upright figure stood in front of her. She murmured, "Xiaojie…"

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Hua Jinglan grasped Hua Wanyu's whip with one hand. With a wintry cold smile on her face, she stroked the wound on her shoulder. She licked the finger stained with blood, eyes wide open, as if she was a violent madman who crawled out from a sea of blood. Her whole body exuded the "kill" word.

It was hateful that she held onto the whip, without letting go. Hua Wanyu could not get her whip but she would not lose her armor with her soldier. Since Hua Jinglan could not use her strength, she sent a flying palm strike over!

Hua Jinglan was rendered motionless by the huge force, but she knew this palm strike would cause a heavy injury. She accelerated her Qi and formed an energy wall.

"Ah…!" She used all her energy and shouted. A huge stream of Qi jet out from her body like a spiral tornado and rushed towards the sky!

Hua Wanyu was bounced off this Qi wall. Her Qi was injured and she fell to the ground after hitting the wall. The Nine-Tailed Fox behind her disappeared and she spat out a mouthful of blood. "Hiss-!" A snake hissing was heard in the wild wind, ear-piercing and intense!

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