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Chapter 60

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Chapter 60 – Wan Yu Compelled

Translated by: Sugar

Sugar is back… (again). I don’t know what to say. Enjoy the Chappies? Hope time allows Sugar to do more Chappies.

"d.a.m.n you, Hua Wan Yu!" With a shout, Jin Lan rose her leg and swept a flower pot by the wall towards Wan Yu.

Wan Yu lean her body slightly and her whip flew across the sky smashing the flower pot in mid-air, scattering the plant and soil all over the ground.

"Go and call a physician!" Jin Lan instructed one of the maids, who was by the side, while supported both Jiao Yue and Chu Yun up.

The maid stammered and took steps back. Her eyes weakly aimed towards Wan Yu without taking any actions.

Wan Yu was powerful and servants within the Hua Household would not dare to disobey her. Even if Jiao Yue and Chu Yun were to die here, not a single person would utter a word about it.

"Hua Jin Lan, you are finally back!" Wan Yu arrogantly tugged on her whip while her face was filled with conceit and self-satisfactory.

"Young… Mistress…" Chu Yun called her with a thin voice, his mouth was heavily mottled by bloodstains.

Jin Lan was filled with anger and bloodl.u.s.t, her body slowly stiffens.

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Wan Yu held her whip, took two steps forward and looked at Jin Lan with disdain. "Jin Lan, if you were to win against me today, these two lowly servants would be saved. However, if you were to lose…."

"Jin Lan, let us see how you dodge this!" Whip flew while Wan Yu was speaking.

Jin Lan had pondered the reason why Wan Yu had provoked her today, as it turns out this was what she was hiding.

"Jin Lan, where can you hide?!" Wan Yu roared, her pink figure danced about while the claws of the nine-tailed fox behind her moved.

As the whip did not have eyes, the surrounding was also damaged. Hence, when Jin Lan was dodging, she made sure to keep her distance from Jiao Yue and Chu Yun. Wan Yu noticed it and laughed, "You do not want to get hit? Let those two take it for you!"

A black silhouette flashed past and Jin Lan was already standing before them, firmly taking the strike.

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