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Chapter C6

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Chapter 7 – Underhand Scheme

Translation: Sugar

Editor: zxrdm

“Young…Young Master? Where are we going wearing like this?” Jiao Yue asked  while feeling uncomfortable about wearing male clothes.

Ten taels, that is enough for Jin Lan to buy a new set of clothes. New, white silk clothes and a green head wrap, along with a folded paper fan. Even her every action and speech gave an impression that she was a true gentlemen, pa.s.sersby would stop and turn around just to look at her.

Chu Yun emptied his wallet to find there was only one tael left, with slight bitterness he asked Jia Lan: “Young Master, are we still going to Ti Tou Pavilion even though we only have one tael left?”

“Of course.” Jin Lan used the fan to hit his head. “But before that, I would like to go somewhere else first.”

After making many turns, walking through different lanes and alleys, Jin Lan stopped. Jiao Yue look at the signboard unbelievably: “GAMBLING DEN!?”

“Big! Or Small! Place your bets!”

“Big! Big! Big!”

“Small! Small! Small!”

Just as Jin Lan expected, it is small, crowded and smelled like sweat. She looked around and saw a crowded table. Forcing her way in and realizing the game was at its peak, all eyes are focusing on a short, old fellow, to be more specific, the old fellow’s hand filled with banknotes.

The banker look at this old fellow as though he was easy prey and constantly urge to place his bet. The old fellow cannot make up his mind, then finally, he gritted his teeth and bet on ‘Small’. The other betters chose the other option, ‘Big’. The dice cup opens, as expected the dice show Big.

“Big again!?” Old fellow howled and closed his wallet. He turned and walked away from the crowd and complained: “Sigh, making huge losses again! If I continue to lose, all my life savings will be gone.”

Jin Lan smiled and whispered: “Old man, do you want to recoup your loss?”

The old fellow eyes lit up, “You have a plan?”

Jin Lan whispered a few words to the old fellow, he considered for a while before happily going back to the table.

The betting recommences, when the banker saw the old fellow coming back, he snickered while encouraging the crowd.

“This time I will bet Big!” Old fellow took his thousand tael and slam it down on the table. Jin Lan, at the same time, takes her note, fold it into a small square than throw it on ‘Small’.

“Big! Big! Big!” the old man chants.

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“Small! Small! Small!” the crowd chants.

Jiao Yue was startled by loud voice, “Miss, they are people from the gambling den!”

Jin Lan turned, only to find the old fellow is already gone, she clenched her teeth and made a dash, leaving Jiao Yue and Chu Yun behind. RUN AWAY!!!

(TL Note: To those who are interested, they are playing a gambling game Sic Bo.  If anyone is still confuse about the currency, they are using the same as ancient China.

One Copper Coin (一文钱)

One Sliver Tael (一两银)= One Thousand Copper Coin

One Gold Tael (一两金)= One Thousand Sliver Tael






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