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Chapter c57

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Chapter 50- Hua’s Secret Room

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Bear-Nii

Gyaaa….. Tales of Wuxia (侠客风云传) is on steam…. Spending a lot of time on it. Games stop distracting me. I got TLing to do. Kyaaa…. Noire is also out. What to do!!!!

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While catching her breathe, Jin Lan sat up. She supported her head and felt a sticky substance. Without knowing whether it might ruin her appearance, she rubbed the corners of her lips.

Darkness lies before her, she felt a rock wall and used it to stand up. She took out a kindling from her chest and ignited it. The dim yellow light slowly brightens up, Jin Lan squinted her eyes before she started to survey around the rock room.

Once she had clearly seen the appearance of the indoor, she was stunned, sitting behind the old long table was actually a pile of white bones.

Jin Lan calmed herself, she knew that Xiu Lin, that old hag definitely did many sinful acts.

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The whole area was sealed, even the entrance which Jin Lan rolled in could no longer be found. She punched the wall before shifting her attention to the table. Moving behind the white bones on the table, she found another set lying behind the chair. In closer inspection, this new found bones had a tint of black in them. There was a dagger in front of the pile, it seems that the owner of this set of bones was poisoned before meeting his demise. By the leg of the bones, there was a white candle which Jin Lan picked up and lit it up.

Laughing, she sat herself down and looked at the bones on the ground. “Who would have thought that I, Hua Jin Lan who died so foolishly and stupidly in my previous life, am going to die in a similar fashion even in this life. Heavens really love to play with people’s lives.”

“Pa!” Something made a sound and Jin Lan turned her head, only to see that the bones that were on the chair came apart. She rolled her eyes before walking slowly towards it and picked it up. When the clothes came loose, a oddly shaped jade pendant dropped out, Jin Lan placed the two bones together before picking up the pendant.

A piece of translucent emerald jade, it’s shape was as though similar to the new moon, looking very thin and fragile as though if a small amount of force was applied it would break. However what truly made Jin Lan surprise was that she had a feeling that she saw this jade before. She thought hard about it and kept looking at the jade, she was certain she had saw this before, it was just that she just could not remember.

“Rumble….” Jin Lan suddenly lifted her head : The opposite wall started to shake and slowly opened up.

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