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Chapter C50

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Chapter 52 – Threats

Translated by: Sugar

Edited by: Sugar

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With his alluring facial features just within five centimeters from her, Jin Lan could even felt his breathing clearly. Raising her eyes, she could only see the pair of amber color pupils. Amber, was a mysterious color, the bright and dazzling golden color yet there was something veiled within. Just like Yu Yan, underneath his charming face held something dangerous within.

Raising her hand to caress his brows, Jin Lan answered: “ Playing the dangerous man? How exhilarating.”


Yu Yan single-handedly held on to her waist and pulled her into his embrace, whispering into her ear, “This king will allow your immoral thoughts.”

Jin Lan’s mouth twitched, what a narcissist, “Can’t you wait until we are out before you start doing this? You womanizer.”

Yu Yan paused, then buried his face on her shoulder and laughed.

“Chun Yu Yan, I can help you obtain what you desire.” Jin Lan sternly said, “However, there are conditions.:

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The smile on Yu Yan’s face disappeared, he took a step back and looked at Jin Lan, “Who are you to a.s.sume that you are able to help this king fulfil his wish?”


“Cough! Cough!” Jin Lan was coughing hard trying to catch her breath while in tears. She hazily look at his back and sneered, “Yu Yan, in this world there is no medicine for regrets for you to consume!”

There was no room for regrets in this world, that was why when Jin Lan climbed out of the well and met face to face with Xin Lin, how she could wish to fall in the well. Her current plight was like what Yu Yan had said, similar to an ant. Even Fei Sheng was able to crush her, let alone Xiu Lan. Obviously, she did not want to die and definitely not like an ant.

Xiu Lan draped a gown over her shoulders and standing under the dim moonlight, her wrinkled face had shown evidence of being absorbed by something else. She sighed and paused for quite a while before opening her mouth, “ Surprisingly, you are able to get out.”

Jin Lan squinted her eyes, “Don’t tell me you want to save me from the well?”

Xiu Lan snorted, “Save you?”

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