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Chapter c5

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Chapter 5 – Same as Owner (马如其主)

Translated by: Sugar

Editor : zxrdm

Special thanks to Anna Jankiewicz. I will continue to work hard!!!

“c.h.i.n.k!” Jin Lan threw the knife and looked at her clothes. She sighed. Even though her clothes were tattered and blood soaked, it was still her only pair of clothes.

“Second Brother, she killed my Hong Yi, she has to pay with her life!” Yu Ru shouted.

“It seems that both you and the beast have the same personality.” Jin Lan blurted out. “It seems that the beast was willing to escape and die by my hands than to be tamed by the likes you.”

“You ignorant fool!” Yu Ru raised her whip ready to attack Jin Lan but was stopped by Yu Zhuang.

“Second brother! Why did you stop me!?”

Yu Zhuang shook his head and faced Jin Lan “It seems that you killed the horse in order to protect someone, however, that horse was very expensive as well as precious to my dear little sister. How about this, if Miss is able to pay a thousand gold we will forget about the matter, what do you think?”

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun almost fainted after hearing Yu Zhuang’s suggestion. A thousand gold? They don’t even have enough for a thousand coins, let alone a thousand gold. If Master were to hear of this, without a doubt he would be more willing to give Jin Lan up, rather than paying.

Hmph…Well played, he knew I didn’t have enough money. “Leaving aside the fact that your horse almost harmed my cute servant, your horse’s blood is splashed all over my clothes.”

“Young Mistress, did you get your priorities all wrong?” Chu Yun sighed

Even though Yu Zhuang was not expecting such as response, he replied. “Does Miss mean we should pay for your clothes?”

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Jin Lan nodded her head. “Clever!”

Jin Lan laughed cheekily, even you know this is nonsense, however if I say my clothes are worth a lot, what can you do? Complain to your mother, complain to your brother? If not you can always ask the G.o.ds, let us see who will help you!

Because of some horse, I have to pay a thousand gold? Not in your lifetime!

Yu Zhuang forced a smile but remained composed “Miss, that cannot be possible…”

As though speaking for the, it is just tattered rags, it was a lie so unbelievable not even a child would be fooled.

“Are you trying to back off from our deal? Jin Lan raised her chin as though looking down on Yu Zhuang. “Didn’t you just say you would pay for my clothes if I pay for your horse?”

As things stand, Yu Zhuang can only give a wry smile, he wants to pay however where can he find the G.o.ds who gave Jin Lan her clothes. To also bring up his brother and mother, and dragging them into the situation, however if this continues on he will be acting like a commoner and bring shame to the Royal Family.

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