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Chapter c48

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Chapter 49: Jin Lan Went Missing

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Connor

After going on hiatus for 2 months (give or take), time for Sugar to revive and start Re-TL this novel. Sorry Editors and Readers, I suddenly disappeared. Hope you guys will stick around once again.

Moments before the walls finished closing, Jin Lan could only see Xiu Lin’s emotionless face. Behind Jin Lan was a deep tunnel, and after nearly fainting from Xin Lin’s inner aura, her body hit the wall of the tunnel, instantly stripping away her consciousness.

“Mother.” Bai Xiang pushed the door open, only to see Xiu Lin sitting upright. In his eyes there was a shimmer of doubt, which soon reverted back to normal.

With a cool expression, Xiu Lin put down her teacup and said, “Those who threaten the people from the Hua Household, ought to not exist.”

Bai Xiang probably understood the meaning, pausing for a while before responding, “I think the Rong Family’s purpose of this visit was not only because of Jin Lan.”


Xiu Lin sneered, “I had been watching Rong Heng Yuan since he became the Head of the Rong Family. How could I not know what is in his mind? Hua, Rong, Yue, Fei, the four families are arranged according to strength, and the Rongs wish to be the leader of the four families. His visit today was to get a grasp on the situation and learn about us.”


“To actually put aside the death of Rong Hui so easily and do nothing about it. The Rong family probably wants to settle their debts with us during the Meet.” Bai Xiang frowns, “Could it be that an extraordinary person appeared in the Rong Family?”  

“The only one that has any potential in the Rongs is the second son, Rong Du. Send someone to learn more about him.” Changing the topic, Xiu Lin continued, “Also, make Fei Sheng quickly complete his ascension.”

Bai Xiang nodded, then paused a while before deciding to speak again, saying “Mother, Second Brother did not leave anything behind….”

Before he could finish, Xiu Lin’s hand which was on the armrest started to clench uncontrollably as she stared out of the window, her aged eyes filled with anger, regrets, sorrow and hatred. A moment later, she slowly became tranquil.

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Que Qi joked, “Oh? It seems that the wings that followed Jin Lan around grew tougher now.”

Jiao Yue bit her lips and started to cry, explaining, “After Old Madam called Young Mistress, Young Mistress hasn’t been seen, and already a day has pa.s.sed!”

The smile from Que Qi’s face vanished, frowning he asked, “So where are you going now?

“I am going to request help from the Travelling Prince!” Jiao Yue sobbed, “Not a single person in the Hua Family cares about Young Mistress, the prince is Young Mistress fiance, he will definitely care about Young Mistress’ well being!”

Que Qi pulled her arm, and in a serious tone said, “You think Old Madam will let you go out and inform him so easily?”

Jiao Yue panicked, looking at Que Qi, and yet no words were able to come out.

“You will stay here and do not tell anyone about this. I will go to Grandma’s place and take a look.” Said Que Qi, leaving Jiao Yue to return to her quarters mindlessly. Unnoticed by anyone, Bo Li scuttle out from under Jiao Yue’s feet.

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