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Chapter c47

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Chapter 48: Bloodl.u.s.t Overflows

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Connor

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“Make preparation for Rong Hui’s funeral” declared Cui Xiu Lin, whose face was full of wrinkles and could no longer maintain the fake compa.s.sionate act, tapping her cane as she left the main hall. On her way out, she said, “Jin Lan. Come with me.”

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun were both worried, fearing that the Hua Old Madam might do something to harm Jin Lan. After all, despite being bullied and humiliated for many years by Wan Yu, the Old Madam had never said a word. Hence,if the Hua were to do anything to harm Jin Lan, it was all to be expected.

Jin Lan lifted her hand to stop them and went to follow Xiu Lin.

Xiu Lin’s courtyard was located at the deepest part of the Hua’s mansion. Inside, an impressive looking Buddhist hall was built. Only two types of people would worship Buddha daily: monks and nuns, as well as those who carried a heavy sin. Jin Lan believed the Hua Old Madam was the latter.

The patio was completely silent. When attendants and servant pa.s.sed by, they would move softly and silent, making an effort to not make a single sound. Once Xiu Lan entered the hall, she quickly dismissed any onlookers as she strolled to the center of room. Suddenly she halted, and turned around to look at Jin Lan, not saying anything.

“Identical, truly similar.” Xiu Lin’s face emerges a strange smile while checking her out, “You…, wearing that red outfit. Indeed, you and your mother look alike.”

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Jin Lan had completely no emotional attachment with this body’s mother, she did not even care how she looked like or what was she wearing. However, Xiu Lin’s smile made her uncomfortable,and Jin Lan’s numerous years of experience told her in a flash that she need to escape.

Jin Lan’s lips curled into a smile, “Are you so afraid of her?”

As if she had heard a joke, Xiu Lin laughed loudly, raising her brows and replying in a frivolous tone, “Do you know what happen to her?”

Full-on bloodl.u.s.t overflowed out! Jin Lan was stunned, gooseb.u.mps appearing on her entire body!

Just when the brain sent a warning signal, Xiu Lin appeared in front of Jin Lan once again with an indistinguishable speed creating a huge air wall, flinging Jin Lan back.

Xiu Lin looked at her sharply, “Go down and ask her!”

Jin Lan stretched out her hand, trying to grab anything nearby, however the wall which hung a painting of ‘The Eight Immortals crossing the ocean’ opened like revolving door, a huge black hole similar to a beast’s mouth, instantly swallowing her whole!

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