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Chapter c45

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Chapter 46 – Enemies at Doorsteps

Translated by Sugar

Editor: Bear-Nii

“Young Mistress! Young Mistress!” Jiao Yue’s face was filled with fear as she tried to pull Jin Lan out of the bed. Pinching Jin Lan’s thigh she continued,  “Stop sleeping! The Rong Family has come knocking on our doorsteps.”

Jin Lan woke up in a cold sweat, her eyes were wide-opened as she tried to gasp for air. Her limbs were soft and numb, as though they had been soaked in seawater.

Jiao Yue was observant and noticed her irregular state, she asked worriedly, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Jin Lan wiped the cold sweat off from her forehead and took a deep breath. “The people from the Rong Family are here?”

Going back to the initial topic, Jiao Yue replied, “Yes,  Rong Family’s Old Master came personally!”

Rong Family Old Master, Rong Heng Yuan. Jin Lan pondered for a moment, both Rong Pei and Rong Qing could usually handle by themselves in this world. Just because of a small matter, was there a need for him to personally get involved?

“Young Mistress?” Jiao Yue called out meekly.

“Help me tidy up this place. Today I will be wearing that red top and that white silk skirt.” Jin Lan said.

Jiao Yue happily answered her, those clothes were sent by the Travelling Prince. It had originally been left in the box untouched,however there was a change of heart today, she should probably have came up with a plan.

“Young Mistress… You are beautiful….” After Jin Lan finished dressing and came out clad in red, Chu Yun could not help but keep his eyes glued on her.

When Yu Yan wore red, it gave off an outstanding devilishly feel. However, when Jin Lan wore red, it gave off an outstanding dominating feel.

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To be honest, Jin Lan did not particularly like the colour red, it was very similar to the colour of blood. It would give her an illusion of seeing and smelling blood.

“Tell me honestly what happened in the restaurant yesterday!”

Jin Lan glanced at Pei Rong who was in delight and said, “What restaurant? I know nothing.”

“How dare you spout such lies!” Rong Pei shouted, “You worked with some old guy to swindle us!”

“Jiao Yue, tell them. What was I doing yesterday?” Jin Lan softly flung her sleeves and lazily leaned to side.

Jiao Yue blatantly lied, “Young Mistress was studying at the courtyard yesterday.”

“Nonsense, you were the one who injured Big Brother yesterday!” Rong Pei anxiously cried.

Rong Heng Yuan signalled her to keep calm before cupping his hand at Bai Xiang, “Brother Hua, allow me to ask your daughter several questions.”

“Be my guest.”

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