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Chapter c39

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Chapter 40 – Tailless Spirit Beast

Translated by Sugar

Editor: Connor, Immortul

“You….” Yu Ru pointed at Jin Lan with a finger trembling in anger. She was so angry it could cause harm to her heart and might cause her to cough out blood. How could there be such a shameless man in this world, she thought.

Bo Li was latching onto Jin Lan clothes, trying to climb up, but was kicked away and began to fake death on the ground.

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun were off to the side smiling, antic.i.p.ating what the reaction of this Princess Wen Ya would be after learning this gentlemen’s true ident.i.ty.

“What is it?” Jin Lan raised her eyebrow and looked Yu Ru. Then, she swept her eyes over to see Yue Zhuang and another graceful lady entered the shop and commented, “Princess Wen Ya, if you are a real lady you should follow and learn it from the woman over there. Such purity and elegance all matched with a beauty. Like a horse matching its saddle, please do not hope for the impossible.”

Yu Ru followed Jin Lan’s gaze to check, before quickly turning back in anger, just to see a ridiculing smile on JIn Lan’s face. Opening her eyes wide, Yu Ru exclaimed “IT IS YOU…..!! HUA JIN LAN!”

Jin Lan ignored her and went up and leaned on the counter, and with an impish smile called out, “Hey! Lady!”

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Yue Zhuang immediately recognized her, and a faint pinkish colour appeared on her face. He lowered her head and whispered to the lady beside him before saying, “Master Hua, this is my older sister, Yue Fu Yao.”

Jin Lan rewarded Bo Li with a smile, allowing it to climb on her shoulder, secretly thinking, even raising a beast is better than raising a younger sister.

Yue Fu set her eyes on the now celebrating Bo Li, her eyes slowly showing a hint of amazement and asked, “I dare ask Master Hua, is this the Tailless Spirit Beast?”

“Tailless Spirit Beast?” Jin Lan turned her head while playing with Bo Li, “What is that?”


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