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Chapter c35

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Chapter 36 – Clear and Evident

Translated by Sugar

Editor: Immortul, Kloud Goat

After hearing the three words, “Hua Jin Lan”, it was only then that the crowd realised what was going on. Firstly, an imperial edict bestowing the marriage was one of the top ten impossibilities that happened in Glory City. Secondly, this morning a rumour about Hua Jin Lan being born under a star of misfortune by the Grand Abbot in Qing Quan Temple was being spread, which was proven by the death of one of the concubines in the Prince’s mansion. Finally now, during the evening, what was Jin Lan doing here? It will be something for the commoners to talk about.

Thinking back, it was due to her being thick-skinned which allowed the Prince to even look at her, after such a rumour, she may fear that her marriage might be cancelled…… However, what was the thing she is pulling? They were all interested in the latest gossip, and were excited for the argument between Yu Yan and Jin Lan.

Jin Lan kicked Zhui Feng who was on her side and said. “Today I caught a thief in my courtyard and specially brought him over here allowing you to handle this problem.”

Zhui Feng and Zhu Yu were both drenched in cold sweat, the latter carried a tiny hope and suggested. “Thieves should be brought to the feudal officials….”

“Who asked this mansion to be closer!” Jin Lan interrupted him.

Even the clueless audience knew, the distance between the Hua’s Mansion and the Prince Mansion is around eight streets, there was a feudal office in the between of the two locations.

“Obviously you are here to cause problems!” Zhu Yu opened his eyes wide.

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Jin Lan, using her hand to cover her mouth acted as though she had been caught, and snickered. It was clear that she came here with the intention of wreaking havoc and there was nothing Zhu Yu could do.

“Oh it is nothing much. All I need you to do is to write a few words.” Jin Lan beamingly looked at him.

“Just four word! ‘First under the heavens’ Just these four words in exchange for your servant. What a good deal isn’t it?” After saying, Jin Lan held out her hand and slapped Zhui Feng’s a.s.s. “Otherwise, I will sell this piece of meat to Ti Tou Pavilion for some taels.”

The crowd was stunned: Teasing the Prince’s servant in front of the Prince?Could it be…… That the Prince was having an affair with the servant?   

As Zhui Feng was getting spanked, he was thinking how he wasn’t ready against Jin Lan, even though he had thought up of many ways, he was considering that he would be killed and then raped. Never did he think it would turn out like this. Prince! We will see each other again in the next life!

“Fine…” Yu Yan smiled slightly, facing Zhu Yu and said, “Bring forth the Four Treasures of the Study!”


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