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Chapter c33

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Chapter 34 – Unwanted Visitor

Translated by Sugar

Editor : Kloud Goat, Conner

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In his entire life, Fei Ao only had a single regret. That was provoking Hua Jin Lan, that shameless woman who not only carving the word ‘b.a.s.t.a.r.d’ on his back, but also severed his belt off……!

Fei Sheng used a fake cough to cover up his laughter, while Que Qi without caring started to laugh cordially. Yue Liang and Fei Xian remained expressionless, while Yue Zhuang and Wan Yu covered their bright red faces with their hands and looked away.

Fei Ao pulled his pants up, feeling dejected and depressed, then followed Fei Sheng to change his clothes.

Being left behind, Que Qi turned and made his way to the East Pavilion.

In the East Pavilion, Jin Lan was currently seated cross-legged, cultivating. This body had not been trained at all and that is why she was not able to perform at her best.

“Fourth Young Master!” Jiao Yue who was outside raised her voice.

Both Jin Lan’s eye opened only to see Que Qi already making his way in carrying a frivolous smile on his face.

“Yo ma homie, whats up!” Jin Lan indifferently asked.

[ED: Lmao what!]

[TL: Before anyone asked, she did not actually say that… but this is the closest meaning I can find and it matches her character. She is saying it in a sarcastic way]

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Que Qi put a medicine bottle on the table and said. “Jin Lan, the Martial Arts Meet is getting closer, do you think that your life is a joke? Accepting a blow like that… Even though it is quite funny!”

“Let Mei Er take a look first.”

Just moments later, Mei Er arrived. He was worried about Jin Lan’s condition but quickly heaved a sigh of relief after realising she was doing well.

Jiao Yue placed the bottle in front of him and asked. “Uncle Mei Er, is this medicine edible?”

Mei Er poured out its content to find three pill, and after thoroughly checking each of them he answered, “These pills are Hua Household’s special pills, it is effective against both external and internal injuries.”

Jin Lan shut her eyes. “Give the pills to Jiao Yue for her wounds.”

Until the sun had settled, Mei Er did not leave the room. As the sky grew darker and darker, the room was lit up by a candle flame. A shriek was heard, afterwards the room became dark once more as the candlestick was overturned to the ground.

Behind the shadows of the trees, there were two men, Zhui Feng told Zhu Yu. “Go and report to the Prince!”

After Zhu Yu left, Zhui Feng carefully came down to the courtyard. He opened the door and entered the room, suddenly the door behind him closed. The fire was reignited and the room was lit up. Jin Lan, dressed as a male, sat in the middle, exposing her white teeth. “Do you know how a cat died…..?!”

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