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Chapter c32

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Chapter 33 – Humiliation

Translated by: Sugar

Editor:Immortul, Kloud Goat

Fei Ao’s inner energy was strong and Jin Lan was trying her best to avoid a frontal a.s.sault. Despite Mei Er trying to nurse her, the blow from Bai Xiang was quite serious and she did not have enough time to fully recover. Moreover, before the Martial Arts Meet it would be wise to try to hide her true strength.

With her thoughts straightened out, Jin Lan once again increased her speed, battles were meant to be fought  in close quarters. Especially since she was brilliantly using her natural nimbleness and flexibility from being a female, she was able to dodge against Fei Ao’s attacks very easily. It was as though she was playing with a cat.

This p.i.s.sed Fei Ao off causing his Sword Skills to be more and more aggressive and fierce. Jin Lan saw Fei Ao was slowly forming a ten foot wall made up of streams of air behind him. Then, the semitransparent air was slowly forming into an outline.

It was a beast! Jin Lan could not help but to be surprised from what she saw. So this was how one enters the rank.

“FEI AO!” Fei Xian timely called out.

Fei Ao suddenly was reinstated by the call, looking at Jin Lan in annoyance. Fighting against a woman who was also not using any inner energy, using a Qi Lin level of Qi was not manly at all.

Jin Lan shut her eyes. It seems that she was being underestimated.

Fei Ao wanted to give in however Jin Lan did not allow it and continued attacking him. Finally, he was pressured to the fake rockey. Jin Lan raised her hand to block his right arm and used the other hand to stab his throat.

Being pressured by Jin Lan, Fei Ao bent his upper body backward, but her soft body became close to his, the cool and elegant beautiful face was very close to him. Unsure of what had happened, his face suddenly became very red.

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“Quite innocent, aren’t you?” Jin Lan teased him.

Fei Ao saw that from the corner of her mouth was a faint sign of blood seeping, startled and asked “Did you… because of me? Suffered an internal injury?”

Jin Lan shushed him and pursed her lip, “Are you sure you want me to get out of your way?”

“Of… Of course…!” Fei Ao slowly lowers his tone.

Jin Lan laughed loudly before moving away, pulled on Jiao Yue and Chu Yun and left.

Fei Ao looked straight at her rear view and stood up. Suddenly, he felt his lower body was quite chilly, afterwards he could hear a high pitched shriek from both Yue Zhuang and Wan Yu.

[ED: She just pants him XD]

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