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Chapter c31

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Chapter 32 – Playing Tricks

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Immortul, Kloud Goat

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Fei Ao did not expect Jin Lan to be so aggressive, the abnormal speed had given him a real shock. However, he quickly calmed down and readjusted his mentality, and pulled out his long sword against her.

The moment his sword and her dagger clashed, Fei Ao could not help but be astonished, even though her attacks were vigorous, there wasn’t any after effect felt. She… She actually wasn’t using any inner energy.

Fei Ao pushed his sword to break free of the clash and jumped back. Swinging his sword in a pendulum motion, he rushed toward Jin Lan trying to slice her in half.

Jin Lan calculated the movement of the curve and barely brushing past the blade and moved toward Fei Ao. The latter retracted his blade while Jin Lan leaned over. Predicting that he would kick her, with an exceptional speed she spiralled to Fei Ao’s back. The short edge of the blade pierced the sky, brandishing out a clean and crisp trajectory.

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Fei Ao could feel that the wind from the blade swept past him, he jumped away before using the full set of Fei’s Household specialty sword skill to attack.

Jin Lan coolly raised her hand, appearing to be at ease and looking at the sky. “You, under broad daylight, exhibit your moves and skills for me to see. I just openly picked it up. Did I steal it? It could not be regarded as such, perhaps the word learn is a more accurate word.”

Fei Ao was blowing his top, after stealing Fei’s Household Sword Skills and acting as though it was nothing, he could not restrain his anger anymore. “If I do not punish you today, I will not be known as Fei Ao!!!”

The spectators could tell that Fei Ao was getting agitated, he could no longer think straight and plan out a strategy. Putting aside Jin Lan’s weird fighting style, the fact that she was able to copy and learn the sword skill within a short amount of time was amazing by itself.

To be accurate, Jin Lan did not steal the sword art, she merely copied some of the moves and infused it with her style. This makes her moves to be even more accurate and concise, against Fei Ao ,who was currently too agitated to calm down, extremely effective.

Fei Xian’s peaceful and tranquil face finally had a change, both of his eyes were  looking intently at  Jin Lan who looked as though she was dancing. So graceful and dangerous at the same time.

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