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Chapter c3

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Chapter 3 – Strong Reinforcement

Translation : Sugar

Editor: zxrdm

(TL Note: Thanks for all your support. It gives me motivation to pump more chapters out. Chinese currency will be known as taels)

Exiting from the backdoor, Jin Lan strongly feels the need to gather this world’s currency to purchase a winter coat. As such, her first destination is Lin Long Tower.

Lin Long Tower, – Yue Empire’s Imperial Capital Glory City’s most extravagant Brothel. Together, with Ti Tou Pavilion they shape the Twin Tower. Located at both ends of the city, they are known as the Glory City’s Paradise on Earth.

In such a city, and without much aid from the Hua Family, it was not easy for Previous Host to survive. When food is delivered, it was barely sufficient to survive. Yet, she is able to visit Ti Tou Pavilion. Naturally there must be a source of income somewhere. Of course, Previous Host did not have any special skill to survive, all she did was to stretch out her palm and ask for money.

When Previous Host was only five years old, she saved a heavily injured female The word saved was used loosely, the only thing she did was to share half of her food with the, allowing the to live and change her ways. In order to repay Previous Host, she changed her name to Su Huan and went in to Lin Long Towers to be a hired hand. In order to hide from her previous organisation, Su Huan destroyed her face and hid herself in the midst of beauties.

Hence, it was Previous Host’s routine to collect taels from Su Huan monthly and eagerly give it to Ti Tou Pavilion.

“Young Mistress, are we going to visit Sister Su Huan?” Chu Yun ran out to ask. “In that case allow me to buy some Osmanthus Jelly, Sister Su Huan just loves those!”

Jin Lan glanced over “Do we still have any more tael?”

Pressing the wallet, Chu Yun replied: “Mei Er just gave us a little, only enough to provide our meal for this month. It is insufficient for Young Mistress’s trips to Ti Tou Pavilion.”

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Jin Lan sighed slightly, raised her hand and flicked Chu Yun’s forehead: “Don’t worry, I will not s.n.a.t.c.h your taels ever again.”

“Mt. Xiang Zi?” Jin Lan questioned

“It is where the Martial Arts Master is located,” Jiao Yue explains: “This coming spring, there will be a Martial Arts meet, as the leader of the four main pillars, it is custom for the envoys to be welcomed from the mountain in preparation for the meet.”

Yue Empire is well known in the land to hold up the ways of the martial arts. There is four main family, who act as pillars with, Hua Household acting as the leader. Every year it is up to Hua Household to invite the Martial Arts Master from Mt. Xiang Zi to the Martial Arts Meet in order to test the skills of the four families. Since martial arts is being held very high, it was no wonder that Previous Host was neglected by her family.

Jin Lan’s expression turned cold but was shortly interrupted by a familiar voice.

“AH, MY CAKES!!!!”

A picture of Osmanthus Cake in case you guys are curious

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