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Chapter c25

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Chapter 26- Gathering of Enemies

Translated by: Sugar

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Jin Lan sent Jiao Yue to tip ten sliver taels and notify Su Huan of her arrival. Su Huan sent a servant to guide them to the back garden.

The lobby audience shouted and pestered Su Huan to play another tune, Su Huan ,wearing a light green ta.s.sel dress and covered her face with a veil, came out to thank the audience and requests to go to the back.

At this moment, out of nowhere a gold ingot flew and landed right by Su Huan’s legs.

“Play another song and that gold ingot will be yours!” an voice came from the second floor. Jin Lan hears that annoying voice and finds it very familiar, she turn her head to see, sure enough it is belong of the Fei Household’s young master, Fei Ao. Beside him there are a few familiar faces, Yue Liang, Yue Zhuang and Fei Xian (Xian Yun).

This one glance is truly disastrous. Jin Lan also saw two more faces she recognised at seated at the premium room, it was Yu Yan and Yu Zhuang. The last time during the Peach Festival the trouble that Yu Yan had caused her, she still remembers it clearly as day. This time it was time for her revenge.

Jin Lan jumped up to the flower terrace, standing beside Su Huan and raised her head to look askance at Fei Ao’s table. “Su Huan is not free!”

The moment Fei Ao saw her, there is an uncontrollable rage in him, he slammed the table and stood up. He coldly said: “What a joke! I gave her money to play a song, why is she suddenly not free?”

Jin Lan snickered and reached out to hold Su Huan’s waist, her face full of smug answered “That is because Miss Su Huan have to accompany me.”

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Below there is a commotion, as all of them know, Su Huan will never accompanies guests.

Jin Lan pulled on Su Huan to leave, Fei Ao could no longer endure and lost his cool. Despite Fei Xian efforts, Fei Ao ignores him and jump down. It was at this moment where Lin Long Tower’s regular recognised Jin Lan and whispered amongst themselves, spreading the word. It was all according the Jin Lan’s plan as she smiles cheekily.

“The Travelling Prince is here too!” Someone wanting to see the place to fall into further chaos, shouted at the top of his lungs.

They are here! They have all gathered! Jin Lan in her heart is laughing maniacally.

Fei Ao without even wanting to stop to talk, raises his fist to punch her. Just before he could act, suddenly two bodyguard appear from nowhere stopped his arm.

Yu Yan unenthusiastically stood up, from a high level looked down upon at Jin Lan. “Lan Er, do not be angry with this king. This king promises that in the future there will not be anymore visits to this type of place.”



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