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CE Chapter 25- Hua, Rong, Yue , Fei

February 3, 2016Congratulation Empress

Chapter 25- Hua, Rong, Yue, Fei

Translated by: Sugar

(TL Note: This is a short chapter, but it is the most difficult chapter by far….. Content is quite heavy. I am not sure whether you guys prefer the English Translation or Chinese spelling so I will both.)

The Four Big Families in Yue Empire are Hua 花, Rong 容, Yue 月 and Fei 绯. Other than these four having the strongest weapons in the world, they are considered, below Mt. Xiang Zi, the few exceptional families that have Martial Art Experts.

In this world, there are sixteen different ranks to grade the skills level of one’s Martial Art Prowess. These are known as ‘Sixteen Steps of Divinity’.

(TL Note: You guys are gonna have a bad time. By the way, so did I. .·´¯`(>▂

In the Earth Rank, there are Bi Fang (Red Crane), Qing Niao (Blue Bird), Bai Ze (White Horse), Shuang Hua (Nine-Tailed Fox).

In the Heaven Rank, there are Yu Gui(Turtle Bird), Chi She(Scarlet Snake), Qi Lin(Kirin), Feng Huang(Phoenix).

In the Sacred Rank, there are Xuan Wu(Black Tortoise), Bai Hu(White Tiger), Zhu Que(Vermillion Bird), Qing Long(Azure Dragon).

In the Divine Rank, there are Hun Dun(Great Dog), Qiong Ji(Winged Tiger), Tao Wu(Human head with Tiger legs and Boar tusk), Tao Tie(Human Head with Goat body).

The four ranks from lowest to highest are Earth, Heaven, Sacred and Divine, Divine being the highest ranked. Why is it named after animals? The reason is because after cultivating to a certain ranked, when they perform their moves, the user’s inner strength will form an outline of the animal behind them, experts are even able to use their strength to perform their animal’s cry. Normal humans practice Martial Arts, even if they perfected the moves. they might not be able to enter ranks. Within the four ranks, the Divine Rank also known as Ominous Rank. Once anyone under the age of forty is able to obtain the Ominous, they all have to be expel out of the country and restrain in Yi Tian PaG.o.da.

Jin Lan had little interest on that rule, it is just a bunch of old man fearing genius hence they came up with that excuse. In Mt. Xiang Zi where the number of experts are equalivant to the number of cloud in the sky, perhaps there are already a number of people under the age of forty, obtained the Divine Rank.

However, what made her depressed is that she found out that she is unable to use her inner energy to form any shape. Let alone the lowest rank Bi Fang, she is unable to see even single trend of energy forming.

“Young Mistress, you cannot rush Martial Arts.” Mei Er stood beside her secretly worrying.

Jin Lan shot him a glance, without asking from his face it can be seen that Mei Er is reluctant to let her enter the Martial Arts Meet. However, since she already announced that she is going to partic.i.p.ate, there is no intention in retracting her words. The problem is that she do not have sufficient inner energy, the meet’s purpose is to test each partic.i.p.ants in their progress. Jin Lan haven’t not enter the ranks and entering the meet now will definitely secure her position…. in Last. If Wan Yu were to rig the lots, when the moment comes there will definitely be a crisis waiting for Jin Lan. From what Jiao Yue said, Wan Yu is ranked Shuang Hai, Bai Xiang and Xiu Lin ranked Zhu Que, Fei Sheng ranked Qi Lin and Que Qi ranked Chi She.

In that case, surely enough, she will be last in the Hua Household.

Last…. This word is very uncomfortable and unsatisfying. Jin Lan thought for a while before calling Jiao Yue and Chu Yun before changing into men’s clothes and head for Ling Long Tower.

Ling Long Tower is already full, Su Huan is playing a beautiful tune. Especially when the number of visitors are high, she is able to play behind the curtain for the entire night.

Jin Lan led the two people and found a corner to hide.

“Bravo!” When the tune ended, everyone in the audience cheered.

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TL Notes:

Sacred Ranked:

Xuan Wu(Black Tortoise)

Bai Hu(White Tiger)

Zhu Que(Vermillion Bird)

Qing Long(Azure Dragon).

Divine Ranked:

Hun Dun(Great Dog)

Qiong Ji(Winged Tiger)

Tao Wu(Human head with Tiger legs and tusk)

Tao Tie(Human Head with Goat body)

This took me 4 times longer…. for research etc and Pictures.

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