Congratulation Empress


Chapter c23

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Chapter 24- Concealed

Translated by: Sugar

Editor : Connor

Jiao Yue and Chu Yun finally found Jin Lan at a noodle shop. She sure is good, after offending two of the four main families and escaping she still was in the mood to calmly sit down to eat noodles.

“Jiao Yue, Chu Yun, good timing!” Jin Lan waved to them, signalling them to come. “Come, I had already ordered your share.”

Jiao Yue was planning to lecture her, but suddenly an old man appear out of nowhere and sat beside Jin Lan, and laughingly said, “Young fellow, I hope you do not mind inviting an old man to a bowl of noodles?”

Jin Lan recognised this old man from the gambling den. He was the fat sheep who the people from the gambling den had been trying to cheat.

Slurping a bowl of hot noodles, Jin Lan commented, “Your pockets have at least several thousand silver taels in them, and you still want to ask for noodles from me?”

The old fellow stroked his beard, “Youngster, do not be so calculative! Come on, be a pal.” After saying this, he s.n.a.t.c.hed the noodles from Chu Yun and began to enjoy.

“Senior, what can you teach me today?” Jin Lan was trying to measure this old fellow , who with hale and hearty eyes exuded an elite aura, yet hid it underneath his playful demeanor. He could only be describe as a someone who is not ordinary and is hiding something.

The old fellow replied, “Youngster, it would be very boring if I were to tell you everything.”

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“Well in that case, pay me for the noodles then!” Jin Lan’s mouth stretched, forming a grin. What a man.

Worried about Jin Lan, Jiao Yue and Chu Yun asked “Young Mistress, what happened to your face?”

Jin Lan touched her face and ask in bewilderment, “What is wrong?”

“Your face is very red! I told you not to eat the pill. It must be poison!” Jiao Yue anxiously answered.

Jin Lan was feeling extremely invigorated, thinking to herself that the pills were indeed good stuff. It seems that the old fellow was really a fat sheep, the next time we meet I will extort more stuff from him. I must!

Raising her hand to stop Jiao Yue’s worried and sad expression, she replied “Tell me more about the four families.”


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