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Chapter c20

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Chapter 21- Terms

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Conner

The sound of hoofs resounded as two cherry-red steeds were dashing across the green field under the azure blue sky. One male and one female were riding, dressed in matching red. Although the male’s clothes were in disorder, he gave off an elegant and flirtatious feeling. The female looked delicate and exquisite, but gave off a valiant and formidable feeling.

After riding quite a distance, Jin Lan finally pulled on the reins to halt the horse’s movement. She turned and smiled at the gentlemen beside her asking “So what do you want from me, Yu Yan?”

Yu Yan brushed his sleeve away and responded, “Hmmm… How about… your heart?”

“Stop joking… I am not close with you yet.” Jin Lan said, restraining herself while still managing to smile.

“This Jin Lan is not the same Jin Lan I have seen” Yu Yan said while stroking the fur of the horse.

Her mouth curled up, remembering that Yu Yan had seen the incident that happened in the marketplace.

“Terms!” She raised her chest, “Let us talk about the terms and conditions, no tricks involved!”

Yu Yan profoundly stared at her, “Isn’t the t.i.tle of Princess enough?”

Jin Lan laughed loudly, “Is the t.i.tle edible? Drinkable? Make me warm during the night? Say something that might interest me!” Jin Lan hadn’t forgotten about the debt that she owed this Prince for causing her so much trouble.

Yu Yan’s gaze became distant “Didn’t I help you raise your standing in the Hua Household? Shouldn’t you thank me?”

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“I was just wondering why the Royal Decree arrived at such a perfect timing. It was as though it followed Bai Xiang back. However, did I ask for your help? You chose to do so willingly.” replied Jin Lan, slightly smiling. How shameless! First, she ask for the Prince for his hand for marriage, and now she request to get more benefits, even though there were none left.

Wan Yu mockingly asked, “Eh..!? Is this the Great Travelling Princess? Why are you back so early?”

Ignoring her, Jin Lan sat down, took a cup of tea from the servant which was meant for Bai Xiang, and drank a big mouthful. “Is there something you want to say? Be direct and speak!”

Bai Xiang looked the daughter, whose action and speech both he fail to fathom. “During the first of the next month, there is a Martial Arts Meet. Prepare for the meet, You and your brothers will join the meet together. I have already postponed the ceremony between you and the Travelling Prince.”

Jin Lan had little interest for the wedding, however this Martial Arts Meet does peak her interest.

“Alright” replied Jin Lan, as she turned and left the hall.

Wan Yu stared at Jin Lan’s back with ill intent, murmuring “Jin Lan, during the Martial Art Meet I will wipe the floor with you!”


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