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Chapter c19

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Chapter 20- Schemes

Translated by: Sugar

Editor: Kloud Goat

(TL Note: Before we begin, I have to apologize for a mistake I made. I made an error translating 马装. I thought it was referring to the saddle but it was actually the clothes they wear while they ride. My apologies!)

Yu Yan, cladded in red, stood at the main hall waiting, the flower decorations paled in comparison to him. Both Hua Old Madam and Master wrapped their hands together to respectfully welcome him, followed by presenting him to his seat. Yu Yan pursed his lips after drinking a mouthful of Long Jin Tea (龙井茶) before asking the whereabouts of Jin Lan.

Bai Xiang paused for a moment before replying “Please wait for a moment, my Prince. Allow me to ask a servant to hurry her up.”

“There is no need for that.” Yu Yan lifted his hand. ” Since I have invited Lan Er to ride with me, I would a.s.sume she is currently changing for the occasion.”

After hearing that, Luo Xiang’s expression slowly changed and quickly called upon a servant whispering something to her.

Before she could finish, Wan Yu, had already changed into the outfit. Full of excitement she rushed out to the main hall and with a twirl she said. “Look! Mother. Aren’t I pretty?”

“Stop making a scene and greet the prince already.” Bai Xiang immediately shouted.

It was only then Wan Yu noticed Yu Yan seated high and mighty, she was startled to the extent she had forgotten she was wearing Jin Lan’s jockey outfit which was a gift from the prince. She bowed in respect, “Commoner girl, clan name Hua, Wan Yu greets the Prince.”

Yu Yan nods his head but his brows were knitted together.

Jin Lan, wearing all black, appeared from the corridor and paid her respects to the Prince.

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Yu Yan’s lip curled upwards, stood up and supported her up, implying that he treats Jin Lan differently.

Wan Yu feeling ashamed and resentful, was holding back her tears, knelt down. Unable to say anything, she could only stare at the hem of Jin Lan’s skirt.

“My Love, are you satisfied now?” Yu Yan laughed quietly while closing in to Jin Lan’s ear. She could feel his warm breath hitting her nape.

Jin Lan, too, laughed however it was a fake laugh. If it was the past, she would give him a shoulder throw but now she had to endure it.

“If this is the case, that outfit is not suitable for you. Ying Zhu, go back and fetch the recently delivered outfit.” Yu Yan instructed one of the servant near him.


“Hua Madam and Hua Second Daughter, please get up. If you continue, this would make it difficult for Lan Er.”

Both mother and daughter gritted their teeth, in their heart they wished they were able to scold Jin Lan a hundred,no, a thousand times. This was setup so that the Travelling Prince could make it difficult for both of them.

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