Chaotic Sword God

Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Chapter 3285

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Chapter 3285: Danger at Every Turn

“MIss Yurou, i-is this really the Earthen Winged King’s source of life?”

“Impossible. That’s impossible. Two sacred beasts confronted us back then. The difference in strength was so great that even managing to escape was extremely fortunate for us. How were you able to kill them?”

“Miss Yurou, h-how exactly did you kill it while facing two sacred beasts at the same time?”


Following their shock, the eight G.o.dkings all spoke up and asked frantically. Shock and disbelief filled their voices.

They understood their own strength far too well. When they faced the Earthen Winged King alone, they required everyone’s combined efforts and the White Emperor’s power for even a chance at killing it.

If they faced two sacred beasts simultaneously, they only had a chance at survival if they fled quickly given the strength they possessed and the situation at the time.

If they were slow, then they would be completely annihilated.

Yet now, not only had Bai Yurou’s group returned from certain death, but they had even come back with the Earthen Winged King’s source of life.

This was simply inconceivable.

However, Bai Yurou did not answer their questions. She did not even spare a second glance at them. She only pa.s.sed an order to the members of the White Emperor clan present and carried out various arrangements, prepared to retreat from Death Valley.

The eight G.o.dkings were all rather awkward from how they were coldly ignored. They all understood that they had already earned Bai Yurou’s displeasure from deserting.

“Elder Qing!” Bai Yurou called out.

“What are your orders, miss?” the middle-aged man beside Bai Yurou said politely.

“Drape all of the elders who fell in battle in the banners of our White Emperor clan and prepare the s.h.i.+ps. I want to bring them back to the city in the highest honour possible. Everyone who sacrificed themselves is an honourable contributor to our White Emperor clan. Their family and descendants should be treated kindly by our White Emperor clan,” Bai Yurou said.

“Yes, miss!” Elder Qing accepted the order and immediately took out a s.h.i.+p, laying down the corpses of the G.o.dkings that fell in battle inside.

The s.h.i.+p was rather similar to the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps of the Saints’ World. They varied in size and possessed a tremendous amount of s.p.a.ce inside.

Afterwards, everyone from the White Emperor clan began boarding the s.h.i.+p. Bai Yueye and Bai Changlin arrived in Jian Chen’s cave once again.

Bai Yueye was just as innocent and lively as before, extremely kind-hearted, while Bai Changlin stood to one side with his arms crossed and a frosty expression. He instead seemed like her bodyguard.

“Elder Chu and the others have already returned. It’s time for us to leave. However, you really were right about something. There really was more than one sacred beast in Death Valley. There were two.” Bai Yueye’s voice rang out in the silent darkness as soon as she entered the cave, “However, so what if there were two sacred beasts? Weren’t they still slain by big sister Yurou? Sister Yurou’s powers are beyond the imaginations of regular people.”

When she mentioned Bai Yurou, Bai Yueye’s eyes twinkled with admiration.

“Hmm, what’s wrong with your legs? Why have they turned to stone?” Bai Yueye noticed what had happened to Jian Chen’s legs and immediately became intrigued.

The little girl was an OverG.o.d, but her insight was clearly extremely limited.

“It’s not a problem. I just can’t move my legs temporarily.” Jian Chen smiled gently. His soul had already recovered slightly, so he seemed to be doing much better than before.

“Alright!” The girl agreed gently and did not think too much of it. She only stared at Jian Chen’s petrified feet with her brows furrowed in thought before turning towards Bai Changlin. He was currently standing on the side with his arms crossed. She said, “Changlin, come here and carry him onto the s.h.i.+p.”

“What? I have to carry him? Yueye, don’t you know what my ident.i.ty is? You actually want me to carry him?” Bai Changlin said in disgust.

“Obviously. If you don’t carry him, am I supposed to carry him instead?” Bai Yueye shot him a glance.

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Hearing that, Bai Changlin immediately sprang up like a cat that had its tail trodden on. He said frantically, “No, no, no. Men and women should keep apart. Yueye, you need to stay calm. You can’t do something so unfitting to your ident.i.ty.”

“Since the mysterious expert could lend us a hand when we were in danger, why can’t we help out the weak who are also in need of help?”

“As you say, miss!”


Very soon, the White Emperor clan’s s.h.i.+p rose up into the air and shot off for the outskirts of Death Valley in a straight line.

At this moment, on the outskirts of Death Valley, several dozen G.o.dkings concealed their presences and lay in hiding within the mountains. The s.h.i.+p would definitely pa.s.s by this location.

They chose their hiding spots extremely meticulously. They were clearly a.s.sembled in a colossal formation that had not been activated.

“Sir, the White Emperor clan’s s.h.i.+p is about to reach here.” At this moment, several G.o.dkings enveloped in black robes stood side by side within a dense cover of trees. An OverG.o.d in black robes knelt on the ground and reported politely.

“Alright. Is there any news regarding the Earthen Winged Emperor?” asked one of the G.o.dkings.

“Sir, we’ve just received news that the Earthen Winged King had already died. However, the person responsible for intelligence over there seems to have discovered something else. They’re still in the process of investigating it,” the person on the ground said.

“The Earthen Winged King is already dead? Good, very good. That means Bai Yurou has already used the White Emperor’s power. Otherwise, they’d never be able to kill the Earthen Winged King.” The black-robed G.o.dkings sneered and all eased up inside.

“Given Bai Yurou and their strength, even with the a.s.sistance of the White Emperor’s power, they still must have paid a very great price. They’re currently in a weakened state. Pa.s.s on the order that we will be sticking with the plan. Once the White Emperor clan’s s.h.i.+p approaches here, take action immediately.”

“The White Emperor is heavily injured. He can only recover with the Myriad Divine Illumination pill, so they cannot be allowed to return to the imperial city.”

“The Earthen Winged King’s source of life must be destroyed.”

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