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李鸿天 - Li Hongtian

Chapter 671 (END) - destruction and creation

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Chapter 671: Chapter 671, destruction and creation

Countless experts fell silent.

It was as if darkness had devoured the hearts and minds of all living beings.

Fear, despair, and helplessness.

In the depths of the ancient starry sky, Primal Chaos Realm experts and quasi-saints that were below the primal chaos realm found it extremely difficult to breathe.

“Just now… What Happened? !”

Only when someone spoke slowly did the deathly silence break.

The black and white empress slowly walked out from the shattered spatial turbulence. She looked extremely miserable, but she did not die. This was the best outcome.

Compared to the ancient saints and the ten thousand treasures saint, these two saints were directly blasted apart and turned into ashes.

The two top saints of the human race died in an instant. This was something that no one had ever expected.

Previously, everyone had heard from the black and white empress about the terror of the door. The existence behind the door could destroy the world with one hand.

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Although everyone was nervous, they hadn’t experienced it personally, so they didn’t have much sense and didn’t take it seriously.

However, when this disaster really appeared and the two saints instantly died, they understood… so this was the greatest terror of the end of the era.

The black and White Empress’s body became a little thin as she looked at the huge re-sealed door in the starry sky.

She panted, it was the pressure that was formed after being suppressed.

She was actually a little stunned.

Even though her strength had recovered to its peak and she had used all her strength this time, she was too weak in front of the terrifying aura behind the door.

She was so weak that she was like a grain of sand that could be easily erased by the other party.

“Is it because… of Lu Fan’s favor?”

The black and white empress was a little dazed.

She was not confident that she could survive in the hands of the existence behind the door.

The only explanation was that she had done something to change the mind of the existence behind the door.

That was because when the door was opened, the black and white empress felt killing intent. It was endless despair, despair that she could not resist at all.

When she thought of the ancient saints and the ten thousand treasures saint, the black and white Empress’s expression did not change much.

This was a normal situation.

When the five beast ancestors were destroyed with one palm, it was even more shocking than this scene.

The destruction of the two saints was just the beginning of the end of the era.


The black and white empress’s delicate body suddenly shook as she stared at the door.

She thought of Lu fan. Lu fan had been pulled into the door. What would happen in the end?

The black and white empress thought as countless guesses surged in her mind.

What was behind the door?

She did not know, or in other words, no one had ever known.

From the first era to the present era, other than Lu fan, no one had ever entered the door in a normal way.

The black and white empress did not know that Lu fan had been sucked into it.

Because it was Lu fan who inserted the key into the door.

It was also Lu fan who knocked on the door and turned the key. It was also Lu fan..


In the eyes of the black and white empress, Lu fan had stepped into it himself.

Therefore, the black and white empress still had some antic.i.p.ation in her heart.


NIE changqing, Sima Qingshan, the Overlord, Bai Qingniao and other experts who had obtained the beast ancestor’s inheritance all had cold sweat on their foreheads.

“Young master…”

NIE changqing muttered for a while, and his eyes suddenly became sharp.

“We have to prepare for the battle… This is a life-and-death compet.i.tion!”

NIE changqing sat cross-legged on the position of the formation. His entire body exploded with an extremely dazzling golden light. This was the golden origin profound.

Bai Qingniao, Sima Qingshan, Kong Nanfei, and overlord also exploded with profound power.


The formation began to operate, and the faint images of five beast ancestors appeared behind them.

Zhu long, Lu Jiulian, Tantai Xuan, the ancient sage, and the other human saints didn’t have time to grieve. They all released their auras, like pillars that shot into the clouds and pierced through the rainbow.

“Father… was pulled into the door.”

Zhu Long’s black and white eyes fluctuated violently, and her mind was trembling.

She looked at the black and white empress, took a deep breath, and said, “Father, will he die?”

The black and white empress shook her head.

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t know whether he’s dead or not. The existence behind the door is too strong. I’m afraid Lu Fan is doomed.”

The black and white empress sighed.

The World became deathly silent.

The quasi-sage experts and many human experts had solemn and sorrowful eyes.

Ning Zhao, Yi Yue, and Ni Yu all had dazed expressions on their faces, and they felt their bodies turn cold. Young Master… was gone just like that?

Lu Changkong was also at a loss. He held three Chrysanthemum immortal pills in his hands, and his lips were pale. His face was deathly pale.

Bu Nanxing stood by his side, wanting to console him, but he didn’t know where to begin.

Rustling sounds filled with panic and despair swept through the ancient starry sky.

The various races in the starry sky sucked in a breath of cold air. They weren’t gloating, but were more sorrowful.

This was because if the human race was annihilated, their fate wouldn’t be any better.

Right now, the ten thousand races in the ancient starry sky were all like gra.s.shoppers on a vine.


A faint voice resounded between the heavens and earth.

“Lu fan is not dead.”

Lu Jiulian carried the green lotus sword by his waist. His eyes were calm as he stood upright and said faintly.

The current Lu Jiulian had also reached the saint level and was quite powerful.

As a saint of the human race, he attracted attention the moment he opened his mouth.

“You haven’t entered the gate yet. What do you know?”

Some experts questioned.

They felt that Lu Jiulian was trying to stabilize the morale of the army.

Lu Jiulian smiled.

With his hands behind his back, he floated in front of the door.

His body was extremely small. Compared to the door that held up the world, he was as small as an ant.

“I don’t know what happened behind the door.”

“But, I definitely know if Lu fan is dead or not.”

Lu Jiulian said.

Then, with a light smile, Lu Jiulian slowly said, “Because, I am his clone.”

This sentence had been suppressed in Lu Jiulian’s heart for countless years.

Now, he still chose to say it.

It was as if the secret that had been kept in the bottom of his heart was finally revealed to the public.

In fact, Lu Jiulian had already guessed it a long time ago. It was only recently that he confirmed it.

Everyone was stunned.

Although the black and white empress was stunned, she felt that it was within expectations.

NIE changqing, Sima Qingshan, Bai Qingniao, Overlord, Tang Yimo, and the others were all stunned..

What? !

Lu Jiulian was actually young master Lu’s clone?

No wonder Lu Jiulian’s cultivation speed was so fast. No wonder this fellow, the cultivator who had always suppressed the five phoenixes, had always been at the forefront of cultivation!

So… Lu Jiulian was a cheater!

After looking at each other, everyone was shocked. They looked at each other and slowly exhaled.

Their state of mind was much better. It turned out that Lu Jiulian was young master Lu’s clone. This was something that no one had expected.

“I am Lu Fan’s clone, and I am not dead. There are no abnormalities. This means that Lu fan is still alive and well.”

Lu Jiulian said.

His words caused everyone’s eyes to light up.

The black and white empress appeared beside him in an instant. That’s right, as long as they stared at Lu Jiulian, Lu Jiulian’s death, or anything unusual, they would be able to deduce Lu fan’s fate behind the door.

However, even though Lu Jiulian said so, no one could relax. They still maintained their battle stance, ready to fight against the existence that would walk out of the door of destruction.


Lu fan felt muddle-headed, as if he was stuffed into a was.h.i.+ng machine. He kept spinning and rolling.

He felt dizzy, as if there were countless small stars circling in front of him.

He didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed. Was it a year, or was it a long hundred million years?

Lu fan finally felt that everything had stabilized.

He slowly opened his eyes, wanting to see everything around him clearly. However, there was an extremely dense black fog around him.

This thick fog was not ordinary. It was black, but every wisp of it contained an extremely terrifying destructive aura.

The power of each wisp of thick fog was not weaker than the chaos arrow that Lu fan had released with the five Phoenix Bow.

“This is the world of the gateway? It’s a mess…”

Lu fan held his breath. He was afraid that this thick black fog would explode his body.

Sitting on the Thousand Blade Chair, he controlled the chair to move forward slowly. His primordial spirit spread out, wanting to find out what was inside the Black Fog. However, he found out that he could not find out at all.

This thick fog was not a material that isolated the primordial spirit. However, because the power was too strong, the primordial spirit could not spread out too far.

“Who was the one who knocked on the door?”

“Where… is that person?”

Lu fan narrowed his eyes. Countless rays of light flashed in his eyes.

Just when he was at a loss.

In the Black Fog, there was a ray of light. Lu fan looked over and could not help but be stunned.

That was the key that was inserted into the door.

At this moment, the key was like a bright lamp floating in the endless darkness, guiding Lu fan forward.

Lu fan hurriedly followed. Right now, following the key might be his only choice.

Otherwise, he would be lost in this darkness.

Following the key, he didn’t know how long the distance was. At least, Lu fan felt that he had already erupted with his full strength to fly. With his current strength, he erupted with full speed.., it didn’t even take him long to cross the ancient star sky.


The key that was emitting a faint light at the front began to stop. It didn’t continue to move forward.

Lu Fan’s eyes lit up. He had finally reached the end.

However, what made Lu Fan’s body suddenly freeze was…

That Key… was held by a white hand.

It was like thunder exploding in his ears.

Lu Fan’s body suddenly tensed up. His indestructible demon body exploded and his spiritual pressure chessboard was awakened.

A blurry figure appeared in the dark fog that was filled with a destructive aura.

Lu fan stared at that blurry figure.

He was clear that if there wasn’t a second creature behind this door, then this existence that had grabbed the key might have destroyed countless eras in the immemorial starry sky, bringing psychological trauma to the black and white empress.., the supreme living being that had brought disaster to the archaic universe!


Lu fan narrowed his eyes. The appearance that the other party had outlined was indeed the appearance of a human.

The other party held the key and played with it, walking out of the black fog step by step.

Finally, Lu fan could vaguely see the other party’s appearance.

However, when he saw this, Lu fan was suddenly stunned.

His pupils constricted and his breathing stopped.

His consciousness seemed to have suffered a huge impact.

“F * ck!”

“How is this possible? !”

Lu fan was incredulous. He felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.

Was fate playing tricks on him?

Or was the creature in this door playing tricks on him? !

The blurry figure gradually became clear. It was none other than Lu fan.

The other party had a gentle smile, just like Lu fan.

The only difference was that the other party wasn’t sitting on the thousand blades chair. Instead, he looked like Lu fan in his demon lord state.

“Who are you? !”

Lu fan calmed down.

This guy… who exactly is he?

Why does he look exactly like him? !

“You can call me master of Destruction.”

A faint voice came from the mouth of the figure that looked exactly like Lu fan.

Master of Destruction?

Lu fan was stunned.

He let out a sigh of relief. Perhaps the other party had only simulated the same skin as him.

Seeing Lu fan let out a sigh of relief, the Master of destruction smiled and waved his hand. The thousand blade chair appeared in front of the Master of destruction uncontrollably.

As he got closer, Lu fan could see more clearly.

The other party really looked exactly like him.

Of course, his aura was somewhat different. Lu Fan’s aura was like light, filled with hope and vitality.

The Master of Destruction’s aura was filled with destruction and destruction.

“You are me, and I am you…”

The Master of Destruction said.

Endless darkness condensed and turned into an incomparably hideous chair.

He sat on it and sat directly opposite Lu fan.

The other party was neither fast nor slow, and he was calm and peaceful.

It did not match the t.i.tle of “Master of Destruction”at all.

Master of Destruction raised his hand, and Lu fan realized that the spiritual pressure chessboard had drifted over uncontrollably and was suspended in front of Lu fan and master of Destruction.

Lu fan raised his eyebrows. Was this the rhythm of a chess game?

Lu fan was full of doubts. Perhaps only the master of destruction could give an answer.

The Master of destruction smiled at Lu Fan’s att.i.tude. He raised his hand, and the dark fog condensed into a black piece and landed on the chessboard.

“You must have a lot of doubts, right?”

The Master of Destruction said.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. You’re only at the 14th level of the Qi refinement realm, what’s there to be nervous about…”

Lu Fan:”…”

What did the 14th level of the Qi refinement realm have to do with being nervous?

“Because I’m at the 99th level of the Qi refinement realm…”

The Master of destruction tilted his head and said with a faint smile.

“The system was created by me. As for the purpose, it’s to let you create a super fantasy world.”

Hearing this, Lu fan’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“The system… was indeed created by this guy!”

The master of destruction said, “Strictly speaking, you are actually me… But you are the other side of me.”

“Creation and destruction, I am destruction, and you… are creation.”

“In fact, destruction is much easier than creation. It takes tens of thousands of years for you to create a peak-level immortal martial artist, and for me to destroy… I only need a snap of my fingers.”

The Master of destruction smiled faintly.

Lu fan leaned against the thousand blade chair. At this moment, he felt extremely absurd.

“Why? Is it fun?”

“A little relief from the boring years?”

Lu fan asked, his tone gradually becoming unpleasant.

He, Lu Ping An… was broad-minded and had created the vast and colorful five Phoenix great world..

How could he be a big boss behind-the-scenes who had an extremely dark heart and could destroy everything with a single word? !

He, Lu Ping An, had his heart set on the light!


“Of course it’s not for fun.”

The Master of destruction laughed out loud.

He condensed another black piece and placed it on the chessboard. He stretched out a finger and pointed at the endless dark fog around him.

“This thick fog is my qi, the Qi that I cultivate, you and I are both Qi pract.i.tioners…”

“However, this qi is filled with destruction, it’s very different from the spiritual Qi that you create.”

“Also, do you know what this place is called?”

The Master of Destruction said.

“The door of Destruction?”

Lu fan said.

“That’s what the living beings outside call it. This door is called the Hong Gate, and this dark and boundless region is called the Hong Meng World.”

The Master of Destruction said.

Lu fan raised his eyebrows.

“In fact, to me, this place is a huge cage. I don’t even know how long I’ve been here.”

The Master of Destruction leaned back on his chair leisurely, as if he was chatting with his family.

He had a lot to say and a lot to say.

After getting along with him, Lu fan felt that the Master of destruction was definitely not him.

How could he, Lu Ping An, be a chatterbox?

“The world of primordial chaos is actually a huge eggsh.e.l.l that sealed me inside. For so many years, if I hadn’t learned to talk to myself, I would have been bored out of my mind.”

“Eggsh.e.l.l? Then what… is outside the eggsh.e.l.l?”

Lu fan asked curiously.

“Outside the eggsh.e.l.l, there should be an incomparably vast world. At the very least… the ultra-mystic fantasy world is starting.”

After thinking for a moment, the Master of Destruction spoke.

“Because, I once met a creature outside the eggsh.e.l.l.”

“It’s not really met. It’s just that a creature pa.s.sed by and knocked on the outside of the eggsh.e.l.l. I had nothing to do, so I started chatting with them.”

“If the other party can help me break the eggsh.e.l.l, that would be best. Unfortunately, it can’t be broken.”

The Master of destruction was a little disappointed and sighed.

“A living being outside of the eggsh.e.l.l?”

Lu Pan said in surprise and doubt.

“Yes, there’s a living being outside of the eggsh.e.l.l!”

“I chatted with him for a long time. The other party is very strong, and he can actually penetrate the ‘eggsh.e.l.l’and make me dream. Dream On! I’ve lived for so many years, and I don’t even know what sleep is. He actually made me dream!”

The Master of destruction was extremely excited, as if he was reminiscing about a dream.

“That dream… Even now, my memory is still incomparably clear. In that dream, I was just an ordinary person, living on an ordinary planet. There were blue skies and white clouds there, and time was peaceful. The air was fresh, and I grew up from the moment I landed on the ground, living the life of an ordinary person. The only pity was that I accidentally died.”

The Master of destruction pursed his lips. He had a deep grudge against the person who created this beautiful dream.

He described it to Lu fan.

Then, he seemed to have thought of something. He looked at Lu fan and smiled. “You remember that you transmigrated, right? Actually, you didn’t transmigrate. The memory before you transmigrated was actually my dream…”

“Unfortunately, that guy left very quickly. He said that he was going to find a chef to help me open this egg…”

“At first, I was looking forward to it, but… after countless years, there’s nothing.”

The Master of destruction sighed.

Lu fan was confused. It could only be said that the world of the Big Boss was much happier.

At this moment, Lu Fan’s mind suffered a huge shock. He didn’t expect that his transmigration was actually fake. Everything he thought was actually the dream of the Master of Destruction!

“Did you create the system?”

Lu Pan asked.

“Create? Not create. Don’t talk nonsense… I, the Master of Destruction, can’t create anything!”

The Master of Destruction denied it.

“Actually, the system is the essence of so many eras in the archaic universe. For example, the power Upanishads of the cute five beast ancestors, and little black and White’s blood essence are all the essence of these creatures.”

The Master of Destruction said.

“What’s the purpose? !”

Lu fan took a deep breath.

“You don’t know the purpose? The system said it clearly. It’s to create a super fantasy world.”

The Master of Destruction said excitedly.

The system has been used for so long. Why are you asking me what the purpose is?

“You can feel the destruction spiritual Qi, right? If this spiritual qi flows into the primordial s.p.a.ce, it will instantly destroy the primordial s.p.a.ce.”

“I am the Master of Destruction, an existence that can destroy everything.”

The Master of Destruction said.

“Perhaps it’s because of the existence of that dream that makes me want to go out and take a look. However, the eggsh.e.l.l can’t be broken. The only way out is through the Hong Gate.”

“However, the ancient universe outside the Hong Gate can’t bear my power.”

“Therefore, I need a super mystical world! That way… I can go out and play happily.”

The Master of Destruction said excitedly.

The corner of Lu Fan’s mouth twitched, and he placed a chess piece on the chessboard.

He really wanted to ridicule, but he didn’t know where to start.

“Then why do you want to destroy the world? The destruction of one era after another…”

Lu fan narrowed his eyes and asked.

“Because they failed. They failed to break through to the ultra-mystic fantasy world… then what are they left for if they can’t be destroyed?”

“In short, I can’t allow them to take over the toilet.”

The Master of Destruction said matter-of-factly.

Then, he looked at Lu fan.

“If you are also unable to create the ultra-mystic fantasy world, I will also destroy the current primordial s.p.a.ce and return everything back to the factory settings. I will take it slow… one day, I will create a world that can carry me. That way, I can leave this world of primordial chaos and go out for a walk. I can experience the days in my dreams.”

The eyes of the Lord of destruction were filled with hope.

“Because they had all failed before, I was very disappointed in them. I taught them the cultivation techniques of the Qi pract.i.tioners so that they would know how to cultivate. They didn’t want to create a higher level world, but all of them wanted to mess with me… .”

“After the five beast ancestors discovered the Hong Gate, they wanted to push it open to mess with me. Although I had a good temper, I hated the fact that I didn’t meet their expectations. Therefore, I had no choice but to beat them to death.”

“I deprived them of their power.”

“ERA after era, I became more and more disappointed with them. Thus… I created you, intending to personally create a super-mystical world. This way, I can go out and take a walk.”

“Actually, I just want to take a breather.”

“As for you, you can be considered a part of my soul. In order to split you, I have been in pain for a very long time…”

The Master of Destruction said with nostalgia.

“Now, it can be considered to be quite effective. After all, the essence of so many eras has gathered in this era. For You to appear here, it means that… you are about to create a super-mysterious fantasy world. I am very gratified.”

“However, you are still a little lacking… so, I have to give you a stimulus.”

The Master of Destruction looked at Lu Pan and calmed down.

“Oh, one hundred years.”

“I’ll give you one hundred years. If you’re still unable to create the hyper-mystic fantasy world, then I’ll push open the door and destroy everything in the immemorial starry sky. I’ll make everything return to chaos and the beginning.”

“Although I created you, I’m not you. I don’t have your emotions and desires, so I can’t feel everything about you… but I know that you don’t want everything that you’ve worked so hard to create to be destroyed, right?”

“Since you don’t want to be destroyed, then work hard to break through the Super Fantasy!”

The Master of destruction looked at Lu fan calmly.

Then, he raised his hand, and the dark fog condensed into a chess piece and gently landed on the chessboard.


Lu fan felt a huge force suddenly erupt.

His body was rapidly retreating, retreating..

The Endless Darkness drowned him.

The Master of destruction calmly looked at Lu fan’s disappearing figure.

His gaze swept across the endless darkness as he slowly exhaled. Boredom, boredom, boredom, loneliness… all sorts of emotions surged into his heart.

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He did not know if Lu fan could succeed. This was the only thing he could do.


The Master of Destruction walked over, and wherever he pa.s.sed, Chaos would return.

At the entrance of the Ninth Heaven Pa.s.sage.

Tantai Xuan had his hands behind his back, and a sword hung by Lu Jiulian’s waist. Archaic saints, Zhu Long, and many other experts stood there.

What was supposed to come… was going to come eventually.

“Where… where is Gongzi?”

Ning Zhao, Ni Yu, and Yi Yue pursed their lips, their eyes flickering.

The door had opened, but why was young master still not coming out?

It seemed like the odds were against him.

Jiang Li led many human experts. Their eyes were filled with anger and killing intent.

The Green Bird was dead.

He was furious!

He was powerless!

Jiang Li carried the power of the Army formation and attacked the Lord of Destruction. However, with a wave of his hand, all the experts who had formed the battle formation were destroyed.

Tantai Xuan sighed.

“We can’t hold on any longer. When he steps into the five phoenixes, it will be the time of the world’s destruction.”

Tantai Xuan sighed.

However, he also took one step at a time. He couldn’t run away. He was the underworld emperor and he had his responsibilities.


The Underworld Earth appeared behind him. Six paths of reincarnation and an endless sea of bitterness.

Tantai Xuan stared at the Master of Destruction, his battle intent as bright as a rainbow.

“I’ll help you.”

Suddenly, a faint voice resounded.

Tang Yimo, whose entire body was engraved with the patterns of the five Great Upanishads, stepped into the starry sky.

One vein, two veins, three veins..

When he opened the seventh vein, along with the Upanishads, Tang Yimo’s aura was already extremely terrifying. It was not weaker than the saints of the human race like Wan Bao.

“Eighth vein! Open!”


Tang Yimo had opened his eighth meridian. Along with the inscription of the five power Upanishad arrays, the s.p.a.ce around him distorted at this moment.

However, Tang Yimo couldn’t hold on any longer. It was as if his soul was about to be destroyed.

This power was too strong.

“Underworld Emperor! You follow closely behind me!”

Tang Yimo roared.

In the next moment, he took a step forward and shot into the starry sky.

He bent his knees and kicked!

He kicked at the Master of Destruction.

“This power… is quite interesting.”

The Master of destruction stared at Tang Yimo’s kick and his eyes lit up.

The underworld emperor turned into a sea of bitterness and followed closely behind Tang Yimo.

The thick fog was broken!

It continued to approach the master of destruction.


Everyone was staring at this scene. At the entrance of the pa.s.sage, Xuan Yue and Li Sansui were extremely excited. This was the result of their research. Even if it was only for a moment of brilliance, it would be enough if they could change the outcome!

However, the power that Tang Yimo unleashed had indeed broken through the thick fog. However, when he was approaching the Master of Destruction, Tang Yimo, whose body was in tatters, was in complete disbelief. His faith was shaking and collapsing.

The Nether Emperor Tantai Xuan, who was following closely behind, also revealed an expression of complete disbelief.


“Ha, I almost let you kick out an ending.”The Master of destruction smiled faintly and interrupted their words.

Their voices couldn’t be heard through the thick fog. The Master of Destruction’s destructive waves swept over them. They were shocked and shattered inch by inch.

Tang Yimo couldn’t believe it. He roared continuously.

“He’s clearly the one who created everything. Why did he destroy everything?”

Tantai Xuan was filled with sorrow.


No one could stop the Master of Destruction.

In the Dao teaching platform.

He watched as the master of destruction killed one old acquaintance after another.

Lu Fan’s heart gradually became numb.

However, he seemed to vaguely understand something.

“You are clearly the one who created everything. Why do you want to destroy everything?”

Tantai Xuan’s words lingered in Lu fan’s ears.

Lu Fan’s eyes gradually lit up.

His heart, however, became calmer.

“Created from destruction!”

Lu fan raised his hand and fiddled with the Dao preaching platform.

The method to break through the super mystic illusion..

He might have found it!



The five Phoenix Starry Sky began to fall apart.

When the Master of Destruction stepped in. Everything was falling apart. Everything was falling apart.

The Master of destruction was filled with regret.

Finally, the thick fog completely annihilated the five phoenixes. All living beings disappeared, and the starry sky became silent.

“You still didn’t succeed in the end.”

A faint voice came out of the mouth of the Master of destruction.

He looked at the white light in the thick fog.

It was Lu fan, who was sitting cross-legged on the eight trigrams array platform.

And Lu fan was looking at him calmly at this moment.

“No… I succeeded.”

Lu fan smiled.

He raised his hand and slowly drew a line, and the five Phoenixes origin universe appeared.

A huge suction force surged out from the origin universe, and five phoenixes of immortal origin were circling around.

In the next moment, light spots appeared one after another from the endless dense fog.

Each light spot represented a living being.

The light spots contained their entire lives.

Some light spots represented Tang Yimo, some light spots represented Tantai Xuan, and there were also ancient saints that had long fallen, the myriad treasures saint, the black and white empress, and so on..

Countless light spots gathered, and all the living wills in the ancient starry sky and the five Phoenix Starry Sky gathered together.

Finally, they floated into the five Phoenix origin universe.

“Create new life from destruction. Creation and destruction are of the same origin.”

The eight trigrams array platform below Lu fan started to revolve continuously.

The Master of Destruction looked at Lu Fan in surprise and antic.i.p.ation.

Lu fan stood up, and a thick white fog actually started to surge out from behind him.

Bit by bit, in the end, it turned into a huge wave that collided with the thick black fog. Within the thick white fog, one familiar figure after another flashed past.

NIE changqing, Sima Qingshan, White Green Bird, Tantai Xuan, Tang Yimo..

Five Phoenix Creatures, creatures in the immemorial starry sky, and so on.

The white fog was filled with vitality and the aura of creation.

The black fog was filled with destruction.

The white fog collided with the Black Fog, but the white fog did not extinguish. It actually expanded bit by bit.

Within the five phoenixes, it formed a huge yin-yang pattern.

Lu Fan’s white clothes fluttered. Step by step, he walked in front of the Master of destruction.

The spiritual pressure chessboard appeared again.

The two of them smiled and continued the previously unfinished chessboard.

When Lu Fan’s last chess piece landed.

It was like a drop of water that dripped onto the mirror-like surface of the lake. Ripples appeared and a storm was set off.

The black fog began to retreat rapidly, continuously retreating behind Hong men.

As for the white fog, it quickly took over the ancient starry sky, the five Phoenix Starry Sky..

The Master of destruction was within the white fog, and he actually let out a carefree laugh.

Lu fan laughed.

Another chess piece was placed down.

The white fog dispersed.

The destroyed five phoenixes were restored to their original state, and the dead creatures appeared one after another all over the five Phoenix continent. They were all in a daze, as if they had been separated by a lifetime.

Tang yimo, Tantai Xuan, nie changqing, Sima Qingshan, and so on..

They all appeared on the ground. They looked at their undamaged bodies in disbelief.

Had they been resurrected? !

The long eyelashes of the black and white empress trembled slightly. She opened her black and white eyes and looked at the black and white figures above the white fog.

Her eyes sparkled.

Everything in the starry sky had returned to its original state.

She had created a new life from destruction.


The Master of destruction and Lu fan floated side by side at the peak of the starry sky.

They looked at the five phoenixes that had recovered their vitality and were flouris.h.i.+ng.

The eyes of the Master of destruction were filled with antic.i.p.ation and nervousness.

“Then I’ll be going down.”

The Master of Destruction turned his head to look at Lu fan and said.


Lu fan smiled.

The Master of destruction grinned. After that, he transformed into a stream of light and silently landed within the five phoenixes.

He carefully stood up, his eyes rolling.

The five phoenixes continent was as stable as ever. It could barely withstand his power.

The Master of destruction let out a long sigh of relief. In the next moment, he raised his head and laughed.

He… could finally play happily!


In front of the Hong Gate.

Lu fan stood there for a long time before he finally stepped into it. The white fog surged and collided with the black fog, gradually illuminating the endless darkness of the world of primordial chaos.

Lu fan raised his head. The top of the world of primordial chaos was really pure white, just like an eggsh.e.l.l.

When the white fog and black fog turned into a vortex that spiraled.

Cracks began to appear on the “Eggsh.e.l.l”.

When the five phoenixes of the super fantasy world continued to grow stronger, perhaps… the eggsh.e.l.l would eventually break.

The path of creation never stopped.

Lu fan smiled.


The “Eggsh.e.l.l”shattered slightly and fell.

Light shone down from the cracks and spread on Lu Fan’s face.

[ end of the book ]

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