Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 881 881. Cliff

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Chapter 881 881. Cliff

The central storm was immense. It divided entire regions from the peripheral territories and created a tall blockage that prevented any living being from exploring its insides.

Also, winds would often escape its surface and fly through the separate dimension in the form of violent tornados. It became clear that some of the gales in that world weren't a natural phenomenon caused by the high density of "Breath" but came from that ma.s.sive structure.

Noah didn't need to activate the Divine Deduction technique to understand that crossing the storm would be hard. Something so huge and containing such dense laws was bound to affect the areas above and under its frame.

Moreover, there was a high chance that the environment on the other side contained living beings in the sixth rank!

After all, the group had yet to meet a creature on that level inside the separate dimension. Still, they had reached what appeared to be its center. If that world featured rank 6 magical beasts, they had to be on the other side of the storm.

The Demons shared Noah's willingness to explore those hidden areas. They had his same mindset and knew that risk usually accompanied potential benefits. Yet, their companions showed some hesitation.

June didn't fear the other side of the storm, but she couldn't think of a way to cross it safely. There were too many laws concentrated in that defensive wall, and their presence alone could interfere with the usual functioning of the "Breath".

It was clear that the separate dimension wasn't meant for beings on their level, and they could die just by attempting that crossing.

However, she understood that they would try to reach the other side anyway when she noticed the light radiated by Noah's gaze.

She could see his eagerness, his greed, and his ambition radiated by his cold reptilian eyes. She even knew that Noah was already evaluating all the possible approaches as he stared at the storm.

Then, she looked at the Demons and saw that they had similar expressions on their faces.

June could only heave a helpless sigh at that point. The fact that she didn't know how to cross that hindrance didn't mean that her lover was in a similar state.

Also, the two Demons were with them, and June had long since understood that they weren't simple experts. It wasn't only their power that made them exceptional. There was a subtle confidence and ruthlessness in their very approach to the world that would make them s.h.i.+ne even among existences on their same level.

As for Daniel and Faith, they had already given up on exploring those territories.

They knew that Noah was amazing, but the difference in power between their group and the storm was too high. In their minds, six rank 5 cultivators couldn't cross something that could even scare existences in the sixth rank.

Nevertheless, they understood that they weren't going to stop their exploration even in front of that ma.s.sive calamity since Noah and the Demons began to exchange ideas right in front of them.

"What about the separate dimension?" Noah asked, clearly hinting about Divine Architect's tunnel.

"The annoying guy would have to recreate its entire structure since this isn't the outside world," Flying Demon answered. "The laws could even interfere with its functioning. The void will crush us if something goes wrong."

"Digging under and flying above it also are out of the picture." Dreaming Demon added. "We don't know how the laws have affected the air and the ground, and we might find a terrain that we would take months to break if we need to reach specific depths. It's too dangerous to remain so close to the storm."

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"Well, we can't just cross it," Noah exclaimed. "Is there no path for us?"

Noah and Flying Demon exchanged a smirk at her words. They couldn't wait to see what that copy of the Immortal Lands was hiding!




Seven months later, the group had returned to the edges of the separate dimension, where the ground had lost its azure color for the lack of "Breath" in its structure.

The six cultivators and the two snakes stared at the cliff that led to a darkness that even the light of the white sky couldn't illuminate. That blackness was the void often found between dimensions and worlds, but there weren't many records about it since it was tough to study.

The legends said that only divine cultivators could fly through the void and reach for various planes without the need for dimensional pa.s.sages or similar tools. As for the heroic cultivators, their consciousness would disperse once immersed in that environment.

Nevertheless, the path to reach the central areas was right there, in the s.p.a.ce between the void and the landma.s.s.

"Remember not to distance yourself from the ground," Dreaming Demon warned the group. "No one can come to rescue you if you fall into the darkness."

Then, she controlled Raphaelle and made her jump off the cliff.

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