Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 880 880. Central storm

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"So," Noah said to the two submitted snakes with words mixed with growls, "Who are you? How did you reach this place? What do you know about it?"

The group had temporarily stopped on the wasted plain, and Noah was interrogating the hybrids since there was a higher chance that his pride would force them to use their human side.

The snake under Dreaming Demon's control seemed to be in a daze, and it didn't answer, but the other creature was aware of its situation and lowered its head before speaking. "We are members of the Vilot Bloodline. We have escaped from our region after the powerhouses went crazy, and a powerful cultivator captured us after you defeated our world. When we reached this world, a mighty existence studied us for a few weeks before throwing us here. We have been stuck in this place since then."

The snake would hiss as it told its story, but Noah didn't mind it. Those cries actually gave him some insights about its mental state, which helped him understanding if it was honest.

Yet, there was only helplessness in its tone. The snake felt utterly defeated after the recent events, and it just wanted to comply with Noah's requests.

"My name is Joel, and she is Raphaelle," The snake continued. "We have learnt a lot about this place, but there are many details that escape my mind since I'm not conscious all the time. You understand that part, right?"

Noah didn't answer that question but pressed Joel to continue his explanation. "I want everything that you can remember."

Joel began to describe the territories that he had explored in those years, and it even listed the species that filled each of them. The pieces of information concerning potential prey were precise, and Noah didn't find it hard to believe him.

After all, Joel was a hybrid. His entire body and mind worked together with the sole purpose of looking for food. It was only reasonable that he had gathered so much data in that aspect.

He even described the intensity of the winds in each area. His understanding of the matter was deep since his mental energy was always in the world of the laws.

That meant that he wouldn't get any benefit from entering the winds, but it also allowed him to sense them when they were too close to his position.

"We don't know how to detect the storms before it's too late though," Joel said when the topic reached that point. "We have only adapted to this environment after a series of losses. There used to be seven of us, but our power doesn't mean much in this world."

Joel's hisses carried sadness and frustration, but they were honest. The hybrid was doing his best to inform the group of cultivators.

"Is there a pattern to these calamities then?" Noah asked.

There was still something that he didn't understand about their behavior. They had claimed that they wanted to stash food, but the storm had lasted only a few seconds in the end.

"The central storm releases tornados quite often during specific months," Joel explained. "There will be others in the following days, and we aren't stable enough to hunt in this period. We might lose ourselves and not notice the arrival of those violent laws in time in that case."

The issue was connected to their instincts. They could lose their lives if they spent that period hunting on the surface. There was a chance that a storm enveloped them why they were busy eating their prey.

So, they choose to spend the entirety of those months underground, eating what they acc.u.mulated before the arrival of the crisis.

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Noah found it peculiar that hybrids like them could come up with such a strict schedule while they lived in a wild environment. Their instincts would usually take full control until they reached the state of complete awareness of a magical beast.

That discovery made them realize how the struggles to improve their power appeared insignificant when the divine was involved. The water carried so many laws that even Dreaming Demon didn't feel confident in immersing herself in it.

The enlightenment that she would receive was far above what her mind could endure. That river was a resource that only cultivators in the sixth rank or above could use.

Nevertheless, the group didn't linger too much near the river. It was useless for them, and they had a different target anyway.

They advanced in the direction of the central storm, and the two snakes followed along. After all, they were beasts in the upper tier, which made them the perfect protection against powerful attacks.

It took them some months, but they reached the location mentioned by Joel in the end. Still, what they saw confirmed that their level wasn't high enough to thrive in that dimension.

They had moved toward the central areas in the last period, but a tall wall made of violent winds formed a blockage that stopped anyone from proceeding further.

The wall stretched for kilometers, and it curved when it reached the limits of the central areas. It was as if it protected those territories just like a defensive formation would do.

However, there were no s.h.i.+ning lines on the ground, and the group barely sensed anything with their consciousness. The immense storm was an invisible threat according to their minds.

'To think that all of them are chaotic laws,' Noah thought as he stared at the scenery and tried to find a way to break through that blockage.

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