Birth of the Demonic Sword


Chapter 749 749. Family

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The tables had instantly turned. The humans had become the most valuable resource for the six bloodlines!

The fact that humans could stop the appearance of Flawed humans was a game-changer for the a.s.sets of both worlds. Yet, the consequences of that discovery were still unclear.

The rank 5 leaders of Noah's side made their way toward the castle of the Duron Bloodline as soon as the news reached them. It was clear that the situation could become dangerous with one slight misstep. So, they wanted to be there to defuse any kind of problem.

Even their arrival though wasn't enough to calm the eagerness of the bloodlines who saw in the humans the hope to reconquer their world. However, they still maintained some form of courtesy in their manners out of respect for the power of a society able to open a pa.s.sage toward other Mortal Lands.

Noah and the others saw the representatives of the bloodlines contacting them and inviting them to long meetings. The Elite humans even organized multiple parties in their honor before the leaders arrived.

It was evident that they wanted to tempt some of the envoys in the castle to join their mating sessions, and some of their attempts succeeded.

Eight out of the ten cultivators in the gaseous stage had failed to resist the offers of the bloodlines and had secluded themselves to join a series of mating sessions. It was hard to refuse the chance to become kings, especially for cultivators who didn't have many opportunities to reach the higher ranks.

As for the other envoys, they managed to resist until the leaders arrived and took control of the negotiations.

The threat of four rank 5 cultivators was too great even with many members of the six bloodlines gathered there. It basically showed that Noah's world could deploy powerful a.s.sets whenever it wanted.

Noah could finally relax when he saw the leaders interrupting the sixth party organized in their honor.

He had it worse than his companions since the Elite humans were making use of their knowledge regarding the hybrids to tempt.

Every party and meeting were filled with the peculiar scents that clouded his mind and awakened his instincts. Some of them even targeted humans, but most of the bloodlines' focus was on him.

He was more valuable than his companions since there was a small chance that he could further improve the outcomes of the mating sessions, even if he wasn't a real ancestor.

Yet, Danielle and the others didn't want to end up on his wrong side and didn't take back his privileges inside the castle. He still lived with June, and she felt compelled to take care of the unnatural state in which Noah was.

Delicacies and strong wine filled the days before the leaders' arrival, and Noah often regained complete control of his mental faculties only to find an exhausted June next to him.

It was needless to say that having such a weakness annoyed him to no end, and the fact that June had to pay for it further aggravated his irritation.

Hatred was slowly forming inside him, and he couldn't allow for that to happen in his foggy state. He couldn't snap in front of everyone, or the bloodlines would have an excuse to detain him.

The arrival of the leaders finally gave him a break, but the secret meetings started at that point.

Danielle, followed by representatives of the other bloodlines, would often appear in June's room to offer resources and other benefits. They wanted Noah to join the mating sessions at all costs. However, he kept on refusing, and the Elite humans felt forced to take a step back with their requests.

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They began to ask for his s.e.m.e.n, but June almost attacked them when she heard that request. That reaction surprised even Noah, who did his best to calm her down.

June quickly calmed down and lifted her head after drying her tears on his robe. She seemed utterly vulnerable in that state.

"We both had bad luck with our families." June began to speak when her eyes met Noah's. "I want ours to be different. I want us to be decent parents in the future, and I definitely don't want those vixens to get their hands on your bloodline. That is my property."

Noah felt speechless when he heard her. He had never considered the possibility of having a child since his mind could barely think about something different from his cultivation journey.

However, June had been bothered continuously by marriage proposals, and mixing her blood with the Elbas family was something that even her family hoped to see.

The idea of creating a family had bothered her for a while, but she would consider doing that only with Noah. Yet, seeing him caring so little about it had triggered all the acc.u.mulated grudges that she had managed to suppress until then.

"It is your property," Noah said while touching her forehead with his. "Forgive me."

Simple words couldn't explain the warmth that he felt at that moment. Noah felt as if a new desire was forming inside him as he and June remained silent in that embrace. It was a desire to create something with her and for her.

June shook her head and revealed a slight smile as she reached for his lips, but an earthquake suddenly filled the castle and created cracks on its walls.

Then, a shout resounded from the cracks and spread in the many rooms habited by the envoys. "Don't you dare to touch me again!"

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